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RIP Culture War Thread

[This post is having major technical issues. Some comments may not be appearing. If you can’t comment, please say so on the subreddit.] I. I Come To Praise Caesar, Not To Bury Him Several years ago, an SSC reader made … Continue reading

Psychiat-List Now Up

Lots of people have asked me to recommend them a psychiatrist or therapist. I’ve done a terrible job responding: it’s a conflict of interest to recommend my own group, and I don’t know many people outside of it. So now … Continue reading

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Seattle Meetup This Sunday

Why: Because I’m in Seattle this weekend Where: 5238 11th Ave NE, Seattle WA (private residence). If there are too many people we’ll figure something out. When: 4 PM on Sunday 12/23 Who: Anyone who wants. Please feel free to … Continue reading

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Impending Survey Discussion Thread

Sorry, decreased blogging this week because of Thanksgiving. But I am going to post a new SSC survey in a few weeks. Feel free to use this thread to tell me what you want – from questions you want to … Continue reading

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Adversarial Collaboration Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who participated or voted in the adversarial collaboration contest. The winners are: Grand Prize ($1000): Does The Education System Adequately Serve Advanced Students? Editor’s Choice ($500): Should Transgender Children Transition? Honorable Mentions ($250): Should Childhood Vaccination Be … Continue reading

Reminder: Bay Area SSC Meetup 9/8

Meetup at 3:00 PM on Saturday, 9/8, at the Berkeley campus. Meet at the open space beside the intersection of West Circle and Free Speech Bikeway.

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This Week: Adversarial Collaboration Entries

This week I’ll be presenting entries from the adversarial collaboration contest. Remember, an adversarial collaboration is where two people with opposite views on a controversial issue work together to present a unified summary of the evidence and its implications. In … Continue reading

SSC Meetups 2018: Times And Places

Thanks to everyone who offered to host a meetup. We’re scheduled for meetups in 85 cities (and one ship!) in 25 countries, soundly beating last year’s list. Full list of cities, times, and places is below. Most people who are … Continue reading

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Meetups Everywhere 2018

Last year we had organized meetups in sixty different cities around the world. A couple of the meetup groups stuck around or reported permanent spikes in membership, which sounds like a success, so let’s do it again. I’ll repeat the … Continue reading

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Adversarial Collaboration Contest: Loose Ends And Registration

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in the adversarial collaborations contest. There was a lot of good discussion in the last thread, with lots of people offering projects, but I’m not sure if people actually got in contact with each … Continue reading

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