Reminder: Bay Area SSC Meetup 9/8

Meetup at 3:00 PM on Saturday, 9/8, at the Berkeley campus. Meet at the open space beside the intersection of West Circle and Free Speech Bikeway.

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4 Responses to Reminder: Bay Area SSC Meetup 9/8

  1. is anyone coming to this from the south bay and willing to pick up a man who can’t drive (I can bike to a preferred location). I live around the intersection of prospect road and saratoga-sunnyvale road in saratoga

  2. Majuscule says:

    I wanted to report that the Philadelphia SSC Meetup on August 30th seemed to go well and drew about a dozen people. We discussed our general political leanings, our views on free will and what drew us to SSC. We’re planning on meeting up again at Tir Na Nog near Suburban Station on September 26 at 6pm.

  3. I’m planning to drive up from the south bay (San Jose) with Edmund. If anyone else from the south bay is interested in joining us, let me know: