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Holocaust Good For You, Research Finds, But Frequent Taunting Causes Cancer In Rats

A study published this month in PLoS One finds that victims of weight discrimination (“fat-shaming”, in case you only speak Tumblrese) are more likely to subsequently gain weight. It’s hard for me to like a study that so obviously got … Continue reading

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Links for July

Photos of Children Around The World With Their Most Prized Possessions. Don’t you dare call it “super-cute” or else Pavel will hunt you down and kill you when he grows up. A highlight of the recently-overthrown Egyptian government was the … Continue reading

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I Myself Am A Scientismist

I. “Science can tell you about rocks and molecules and stars. But what kind of science can tell you about the deepest recesses of the human soul?” I hear this a lot, and I want to answer “Psychology! It’s this … Continue reading

Who By Very Slow Decay

[Trigger warning: Death, pain, suffering, sadness] I. Some people, having completed the traditional forms of empty speculation – “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, “If you could bang any celebrity who would it be?” – turn … Continue reading

I Aten’t Dead

I am torn between being disappointed at how poorly hospitals work and being amazed that they work at all. There are two hundred different very specialized professions all trying to help the same set of people. As difficult as medicine … Continue reading

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