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Wheat: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

After hearing conflicting advice from diet books and the medical community, I decided to look into wheat. There are two sets of arguments against including wheat in the diet. First, wheat is a carbohydrate, and some people support low carbohydrate … Continue reading

The Character’s Complaint

I’ve wiped off the blood and I’ve cleaned up the rubble And most of the burn marks have faded to pink I’ve finally started to save up some cash After paying the surgeon, the doc, and the shrink The neighbors … Continue reading

E-Cig Study: Much Smoke, Little Light

New study shows that e-cigarette users are no more likely to quit smoking tobacco after a year than non-e-cigarette users. In fact, the trend is in the opposite direction – e-cigarette users are less likely to give up their regular … Continue reading

Should You Reverse Any Advice You Hear?

Suppose a lot of that stuff about bravery debates is right. That lots of the advice people give is useful for some people, but that the opposite advice is useful for other people. For example, “You need to stop being … Continue reading

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More Links for March 2014

I remember discussing why we couldn’t do this with a couple of people. Now we can – fecal transplant now in pill form. Still less gross than other ways of a getting fecal transplant! Doing it right: pro-Israel American Jewish … Continue reading

Typical Mind and Disbelief In Straight People

Chris Hallquist commented: I remember hearing once on Dan Savage’s podcast that he gets letters from gay men who grew up in very conservative parts of the country, who didn’t know that being straight was a thing. They assumed all … Continue reading

Michigan Meetup and Memory Workshop, 3/23

There will be a Less Wrong / Slate Star Codex reader / random interested persons meetup and CFAR-ish workshop on memory and mnemonics at my house (near Detroit) this Sunday at 1 PM. Along with the usual Michiganders we will … Continue reading

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What Universal Human Experiences Are You Missing Without Realizing It?

Remember Galton’s experiments on visual imagination? Some people just don’t have it. And they never figured it out. They assumed no one had it, and when people talked about being able to picture objects in their minds, they were speaking … Continue reading

Can It Be Wrong To Crystallize Patterns?

In my last post I mentioned my experience of reading over some essays I found really enlightening years ago, finding them on re-examination to be correct but boring, and half doubting that I had ever not-known the things within. In … Continue reading

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Five Years and One Week of Less Wrong

[content warning: will be boring for non-LWers] I. Last week was the fifth birthday of Less Wrong. I thought I remembered it was started March 11, but it seems to have been more like March 5. I was going to … Continue reading

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