Michigan Meetup and Memory Workshop, 3/23

There will be a Less Wrong / Slate Star Codex reader / random interested persons meetup and CFAR-ish workshop on memory and mnemonics at my house (near Detroit) this Sunday at 1 PM.

Along with the usual Michiganders we will have special guests Ozy Franz, Brienne Strohl from Entertaining Thoughts, Robby Bensinger from Nothing Is Mere, and probably Chana Messinger from The Merely Real

You can find more info and directions at this page. Email me if you’re still confused or have further questions.

Donations appreciated (but not required) to cover the cost of the workshop!

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One Response to Michigan Meetup and Memory Workshop, 3/23

  1. Paul Torek says:

    “Nothing is Mere” is an awesome title for a blog.