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Partial Retraction Of Post On Animal Value And Neural Number

Commenter Tibbar used Mechanical Turk to replicate my survey on how people thought about the moral weights of animals. After getting 263 responses (to my 50), he reports different results: Chicken: 25 Chimpanzee: 2 Cow: 3 Elephant: 1 Lobster: 60 … Continue reading

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RIP Culture War Thread

[This post is having major technical issues. Some comments may not be appearing. If you can’t comment, please say so on the subreddit.] I. I Come To Praise Caesar, Not To Bury Him Several years ago, an SSC reader made … Continue reading

Psychiat-List Now Up

Lots of people have asked me to recommend them a psychiatrist or therapist. I’ve done a terrible job responding: it’s a conflict of interest to recommend my own group, and I don’t know many people outside of it. So now … Continue reading

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Seattle Meetup This Sunday

Why: Because I’m in Seattle this weekend Where: 5238 11th Ave NE, Seattle WA (private residence). If there are too many people we’ll figure something out. When: 4 PM on Sunday 12/23 Who: Anyone who wants. Please feel free to … Continue reading

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Impending Survey Discussion Thread

Sorry, decreased blogging this week because of Thanksgiving. But I am going to post a new SSC survey in a few weeks. Feel free to use this thread to tell me what you want – from questions you want to … Continue reading

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Adversarial Collaboration Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who participated or voted in the adversarial collaboration contest. The winners are: Grand Prize ($1000): Does The Education System Adequately Serve Advanced Students? Editor’s Choice ($500): Should Transgender Children Transition? Honorable Mentions ($250): Should Childhood Vaccination Be … Continue reading

Reminder: Bay Area SSC Meetup 9/8

Meetup at 3:00 PM on Saturday, 9/8, at the Berkeley campus. Meet at the open space beside the intersection of West Circle and Free Speech Bikeway.

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This Week: Adversarial Collaboration Entries

This week I’ll be presenting entries from the adversarial collaboration contest. Remember, an adversarial collaboration is where two people with opposite views on a controversial issue work together to present a unified summary of the evidence and its implications. In … Continue reading

SSC Meetups 2018: Times And Places

Thanks to everyone who offered to host a meetup. We’re scheduled for meetups in 85 cities (and one ship!) in 25 countries, soundly beating last year’s list. Full list of cities, times, and places is below. Most people who are … Continue reading

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Meetups Everywhere 2018

Last year we had organized meetups in sixty different cities around the world. A couple of the meetup groups stuck around or reported permanent spikes in membership, which sounds like a success, so let’s do it again. I’ll repeat the … Continue reading

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