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Before You Get Too Excited About That Trigger Warning Study…

STUDY: Trigger Warnings Are Harmful To College Students says the Daily Wire, describing a study whose participants’ average age was 37 and which did not measure harm. You can find the study involved here. A group of Harvard scientists asked … Continue reading

Things Probably Matter

A while back when I wrote about how China’s economic development might not have increased happiness there much, Scott Sumner wrote a really interesting response, Does Anything Matter? He points out that it’s too easy to make this about exotic … Continue reading

I Wrote A Blog Post, But Did Not Adjust For The Fact That The Title Would Be Too L

I recently got in some fights with psychoanalysts on the importance of parenting. They mentioned that one good test for genuine parent effects – as opposed to genetic effects, stress-related effects, toxin-related effects, et cetera – would be things that … Continue reading

Teachers: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

[Epistemic status: This is really complicated, this is not my field, people who have spent their entire lives studying this subject have different opinions, and I don’t claim to have done more than a very superficial survey. I welcome corrections … Continue reading

Growth Mindset 3: A Pox On Growth Your Houses

[EDIT: The author of this paper has responded; I list his response here.] Jacques Derrida proposed a form of philosophical literary criticism called deconstruction. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t really understand it, but it seems to have … Continue reading

Early Intervention: You *Might* Get What You Pay For

I find myself caught between the genetics community – which takes it as a given that childhood experiences and education have a very limited role in shaping life outcomes – and the psychiatric community, which takes it as a given … Continue reading

The Control Group Is Out Of Control

I. Allan Crossman calls parapsychology the control group for science. That is, in let’s say a drug testing experiment, you give some people the drug and they recover. That doesn’t tell you much until you give some other people a … Continue reading

Stop Confounding Yourself! Stop Confounding Yourself!

As a perk of my job, I get a free subscription to the American Journal of Psychiatry. I am still not used to this. No enraging struggles with paywalls. No “one year embargo on full text”. I just come home … Continue reading

Wheat: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

After hearing conflicting advice from diet books and the medical community, I decided to look into wheat. There are two sets of arguments against including wheat in the diet. First, wheat is a carbohydrate, and some people support low carbohydrate … Continue reading

E-Cig Study: Much Smoke, Little Light

New study shows that e-cigarette users are no more likely to quit smoking tobacco after a year than non-e-cigarette users. In fact, the trend is in the opposite direction – e-cigarette users are less likely to give up their regular … Continue reading