Meetups Everywhere 2018

Last year we had organized meetups in sixty different cities around the world. A couple of the meetup groups stuck around or reported permanent spikes in membership, which sounds like a success, so let’s do it again. I’ll repeat the city list from last year, which has every city where at least ten people expressed interest in a meetup. A few nearby cities are merged to make sure they have enough people.

If you’re willing to host a meetup for your city, then decide on a place, date, and time, and post it in the comments. I would also prefer you include an email where people can reach you.

Please err in favor of volunteering to organize – the difficulty level is basically “pick a coffee shop you like, tell me the address, and give me a time”; it would be dumb if nobody got to go to meetups because everyone felt too awkward and low-status to volunteer.

In a week or so, I’ll make another post listing the details for each city so people know where to go.

Some details and suggestions for would-be organizers:

1. I don’t guarantee I’ll have the post with times and addresses up until August 8, so please choose a day after that. The weekend of the 11th -12th might be one good choice.

2. In the past, the best venues have been ones that are quiet(ish) and have lots of mobility for people to arrange themselves into circles or subgroups as desired. Private houses have been pretty good. Same with food courts. Cafes and restaurants have gone okay, as have empty fields (really). Bars don’t seem to have worked very well at all.

3. Usually only about a quarter of people who express interest actually attend. If your city has fewer than 20 people, don’t offer to organize unless you’re okay with a good chance of only one or two other people showing up.

4. If more than one person volunteers to organize, I will pick among them. Priority will be given to people I know well, people who have organized meetups before, and (especially) an existing SSC/LW/EA meetup group in the city. If you run an existing SSC/LW/EA meetup group and you want to organize your city’s SSC meetup, please mention that in the post so I can give you precedence.

5. If you have an existing meetup group, you can just tell me what you’re already doing and when your next meetup is. But try to have the one you list here be some kind of “welcome, SSC people” meetup or otherwise low-barrier-to-entry. And please give me a firm date and time commitment instead of “tell people to check our mailing list to find out where the meeting will be that week”.

6. If you’re formally volunteering to organize a meetup, please respond with an unambiguous statement to this effect, the exact address, the exact time, and the date (+ contact details if possible). I’m not going to count someone as offering to organize a meetup unless they do this. Please don’t post “I hope someone agrees to organize a meetup in my city”. Just offer to organize the meetup!

EDIT: Again, please include an exact time, exact date, and exact address with your offer to host. Please don’t post vague speculation about how you might want to host at some point – just offer to host and give me the information I need. If it turns out there’s someone better, don’t worry, they’ll also offer and I’ll choose them.

Here are cities and number of interested people (as of last year):

Ann Arbor: 23
Atlanta: 29
Austin: 43
Baltimore: 23
Berkeley: 70
Berlin: 25
Birmingham (UK): 10
Boston: 144
Brisbane: 12
Calgary: 12
Cambridge (UK): 19
Canberra: 12
Charlotte: 10
Chicago: 100
Cincinnati: 13
Cleveland: 16
Cologne: 13
Columbus: 20
Copenhagen: 13
Dallas: 20
Denver: 34
Detroit: 23
Dublin: 19
Edinburgh: 10
Edmonton: 12
Helsinki: 33
Houston: 21
Kansas City: 14
London: 121
Los Angeles: 74
Madison: 25
Melbourne: 29
Milwaukee: 10
Minneapolis: 29
Montreal: 16
Munich: 18
Nashville: 12
New Haven: 13
New York: 195
Oslo: 11
Ottawa: 16
Oxford: 18
Paris: 20
Philadelphia: 51
Phoenix: 17
Pittsburgh: 28
Portland (OR): 38
Raleigh: 17
Rochester: 12
Sacramento: 13
Salt Lake City: 23
San Diego: 27
San Francisco: 148
San Jose: 68
Sao Paulo: 11
Seattle: 111
St. Louis: 20
Stockholm: 14
Sydney: 37
Tel Aviv: 27
Toronto: 56
Vancouver: 23
Vienna: 15
Warsaw: 10
Washington DC: 110
Wellington: 11
Zurich: 16

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277 Responses to Meetups Everywhere 2018

  1. Scott Alexander says:


    DATE: Saturday, August 25
    TIME: 3:00
    PLACE: Empty field at the intersection of West Circle and Free Speech Bikeway on the Berkeley campus

  2. shakeddown says:

    We have weekly meetings in San Francisco on Mondays at 6:15pm, at 855 Brannan street (It’s a huge building – we meet up by the lobby across the street from the REI, around the middle between Brannan&7th and Brannan&8th). They’re generally very low-barrier to entry, please come by.
    (If you get lost or have trouble getting in, call 203-503-7508).

    [Note: This location expires sometime around the end of August. For meetups on or after 8/27, check the meetup list for updates.]

    • Scott Alexander says:

      I am not considering this an offer until I have an exact date when the meetup wants me to direct SSC readers there.

      • maia says:

        What’s the Schelling week-or-so period in which we should do this? We have meetups every week, so it can be pretty much any Monday picked arbitrarily.

        Note to add to what Shaked said about the mailing list: Meetups are also posted publicly every week on the LessWrong website.

    • wanda_tinasky says:

      What meetup list? I’ve tried looking around for one and the only thing I could find was the LessWrong meetup list (linked at the top here) that doesn’t list anything for SF. I would love to attend an SF meetup but haven’t been able to find any info about any. Why don’t you guys use

      • shakeddown says:

        The meetup tab here used to go to its own list, now it redirects to the map on the LW page, but only the meetups tagged for SSC. You can see the SF meetup by adding LW meetups in the filter.

        (You also get the group I created before I realized this, which doesn’t have any of the details and which I can’t figure out how to remove).

  3. melling says:

    We’ve had a few irregular meetups at Wellington (NZ) previously, though interest seems to have trailed off over time. If more people are interested, I can see about poking everyone who had previously expressed interest again.

  4. Charles F says:

    I’d be open to organizing a meetup in Madison on Saturday, August 18.
    6PM as a first approximation but I’ll put up a doodle or something if Scott is going to advertise this. People can contact me at cmfrayne at gmail.
    Suggested location: Ha Long Bay on Willy St. [ETA: 1353 Williamson St, Madison, WI 53703]
    Other option: Netherworld games at 334 W Mifflin St. I can supply a decent variety of board games

    • Scott Alexander says:


    • mingyuan says:

      We are going to advertise this, but I think it’s better to just have the time and location unambiguous for the first meeting, to avoid confusion and decision paralysis. If people are interested but can’t make it at that time hopefully they’ll email you, and if you end up not liking the location any subsequent meetups (if there are any) can be elsewhere.

      (Also omg it’s you!! I am so so sorry about New Year’s Eve…)

    • AnarchyDice says:

      I am interested in the meetup, and I am sending you an email as well.

      The Vietnamese place looks good, so I’ll plan on being there around 6 on the 18th unless I hear otherwise.

    • Charles F says:

      In case anybody’s still looking at this, unfortunately Ha Long Bay burned down and Netherworld games closed.

      New info:
      Date/Time: Still August 18 at 6PM
      Location: The Roman Candle, 1054 Williamson St, Madison, WI 53703
      There is now a fb event: link

  5. Elo says:


    Sunday 5th August – Regular Lesswrong Dojos – 4pm, 10 shepherd st, Chippendale
    Thursday 16th August – Regular Rationality Sydney Pub meetup – 6pm, 565 George St, Sydney – lvl 2, usually in the fishbowl room.

    +61438481143 – my number if you want to confirm your attendance or if you get lost.

  6. T3t says:

    Date/Time: Wednesday, August 29th – 7 pm. We run meetups every Wednesday at the same time, but this is the first one after the date Scott chose for his, which I imagine will become something of a schelling point.

    Location: Wine Bar next to the Landmark Theater in the Westside Pavilion (10850 W Pico Blvd #312, Los Angeles, CA 90064).

    Parking: Available in the parking lot for the entire complex. The first three (3) hours are free and do not require validation (the website is unclear and poorly written, but it may be the case that if you validate your ticket and leave before three hours have passed, you will be charged $3). After that, parking is $3 for up to the fifth (5) hour, with validation.

    Contact: The best way to contact me (or anybody else who is attending the meetup) is through our Discord. Feel free to message me (T3t) directly. Alternatively, my email is (rot13) orggrefpnyr@cebgbaznvy.pbz. Discord invitation link: Our Google Group (where I post the weekly topic):!forum/lw-socal-announce

  7. Majuscule says:

    We just moved to the Philadelphia suburbs, having been regular attendees of the SSC meet up in Amsterdam. Is there a meet up running in Philly? I would also be willing to organize but don’t know the city yet so would love suggestions on venues, either downtown or, even better for me, on the Main Line.

    • wfenza says:

      There is a regular Less Wrong meetup in Philly, but no SSC meetup. I organized a few SSC meetups last time Scott did this, but would be thrilled if you wanted to host this time around. We had the first couple at La Colombo coffee shop in Old City, which worked pretty well. We also did one at Washington Square Park, which was also nice, though people would need to being their own chairs or sit on the grass. Rittenhouse Square would also work. What might work is to have Rittenhouse Square as plan A, and in case of rain or terrible heat, move to the food court at Liberty Place.

      Feel free to email me (wfenza at gmail) if you have any questions. I would definitely attend, although my August is pretty booked up. The 26th is the earliest weekend date I could be there.

      • Majuscule says:

        I will be in touch. I joined the Less Wrong meet up group last week, but honestly I am not all that familiar with LW in general. I also really enjoyed being able to discuss specific SSC posts in person. I would be happy to host, although complicating factor is we have a three week old baby. In a few weeks, though, we should be able to arrange a block of time to get downtown. Or maybe I’ll just bring her along? You can never start too early. 🙂

    • silver_swift says:

      Do you happen to know if the Amsterdam meetups are still happening? I might be interested in attending.

      • markk116 says:

        There is a Facebook group floating around but it looks pretty barren to me. I live in delft and would also be interested in any kind of Dutch meetup.

      • Majuscule says:

        Yeah, though when we left it got pretty small. We tried using Meetup to organize but more typically we just met at Cafe Bavaria near Centraal every third Thursday or so. I can put you in touch with the guy who took the lead on it – I’m dmcbriggs at gmail.

      • kieuk says:

        Do a ctrl+F on this page for ‘Amsterdam’ and you’ll find details of the next meetup.

  8. Jugemu says:

    Melbourne Australia

    Next regular Less Wrong social meetup (which I currently organize) after the given date will be on Friday 7th September from 6PM at The Queensberry Hotel Dining Room, 593 Swanston St, Carlton. I’m pretty sure most of the regulars read SSC so you’ll be more than welcome.

    If you get lost or need to ask a question you can call or text me on 0438 869 257. You can also join the Melbourne LW Facebook group if you want to see the event invite when it’s created (about a week ahead of time): . This will also let you know if anything changes, and allow us to book if we get a large number of attendees.

  9. inorescientia says:

    Meetup: Friday 17th August, 6’o’clock, at the Burleigh Arms Cambridge, UK

  10. MawBTS says:

    3. Usually only about a quarter of people who express interest actually attend.

    And if a single person expresses interest, things can get ugly. I recommend bringing a shovel and a body bag.

  11. Jo says:

    ? I have just been reading posts on this website for some weeks and don’t know what this meetup thing is supposed to be.

    • MasteringTheClassics says:

      There isn’t really anything to it beyond the name. If you wish to meet up with other SSC readers, pick a meetup and show up.

    • bassicallyboss says:

      It’s just a chance to get together with similar people and socialize. If you’ve been reading posts for a few weeks, it’s very likely you will have a good time at the meetup. I was nervous before my first meeting and not sure that it would be good fit for me, but I had a great time.

  12. Jeremiah says:

    Salt Lake City:

    Date: Saturday August 11
    Time: 3:00
    Location: City Creek Food Court

    If it’s not a billion degrees I suggest following the food court meetup with a walk up City Creek Park/Memory Grove.

  13. spencer says:

    How do we express interest in attending (not hosting)? Is the data from the SSC survey?

    • mingyuan says:

      Just comment with your location saying you’re interested! Or if someone has already volunteered below to host a meetup in your area you can contact them directly ^_^

  14. Baisius says:

    I would be happy to host a meetup at my house in the greater Richmond, VA area if there is interest.

    You can private message me on my reddit account /u/Baisius for my email or other details.

    • robirahman says:

      I would probably drive to Richmond for this! (assuming I’m not busy that weekend)

    • mingyuan says:

      Hi Baisius! If enough people express interest could you reply here before August 8th with the date and time of your meetup? I totally understand if you don’t want to list your address and email publicly, but having a date/time would be really good to help people know what’s going on and decide if they can go 🙂

  15. robirahman says:

    Washington, DC has an ongoing discussion group that convenes at least monthly, typically with attendance of 15-20. Our next meetup is tomorrow, July 28, 7pm at 616 E St NW. The one after that will be August 25. Besides the monthly discussions, we also do other events such as dinner parties or board games.

    Copy/pasting my description of the meetups from a question someone asked me about them on reddit:

    What are the meetups like usually? (How many people come, gender ratio, age distribution, etc. Is there a structure or are they more informal and spontaneous?

    People split off into small groups and talk about stuff they’re interested in, usually tangentially related to the blog at first and then meandering off-topic after a while.

    Attendance has been 15-20 people for the past few months, 50-80% male and ages 18-40.

    They’re very informal. People just show up and talk to each other, usually without all having read the same posts. I’ve tried several times to get everyone to read and talk about the same topic and it never works. The one time the meetup had a coherent topic was the one after Scott wrote Against Murderism and everyone took their controversial opinion and got into the big debate on it.

    • robirahman says:

      Forgot to include this link – we have a mailing list here:!forum/dc-slatestarcodex

    • Paul Brinkley says:

      Angst over DC parking has motivated me to look closer into that situation.

      In general, DC has “premium demand” zones and lower demand zones. If you live next to a Metro stop, you don’t have to worry about this. But if you have to drive in like me, it’s a choice between parking for free at a Metro stop and spending a few dollars on the ride with up to an hour commute, or paying $0.50-2.00 per hour with a faster overall commute, and not having to worry about when the last train leaves.

      With the meetup starting at 7pm, parking in premium zones tops out at about $7 ($2.30/hr, free after 10pm), and experience tells me it’s pretty easy to find a spot within about a block. If you want to walk a few blocks, I think there are places on K street where you could park for free by the time the meetup starts… but I don’t know how easy it is to find spaces there.

      Source for this:

  16. ksrnk says:

    It looks like there is a lot of interest in Boston, is there already a regular meetup?

    • Hypoborean says:

      I don’t think there is?

      • Taymon A. Beal says:

        There used to be, but it’s on hiatus. I’d like to bring it back, but only once we can get local meetups regularly advertised on SSC.

        • ksrnk says:

          I would be happy to participate, can we restart it?

          • Taymon A. Beal says:

            I was going to, but someone already posted one downthread while I was at work, so it looks like we’ll just go with that one this time.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Anyone in Tokyo/Japan?

    • imoimo says:

      Not yet, but I may live there next year! Just keep the party going until then.

    • aleksanderpwnz says:

      I live in Tokyo, but I’m away until late August. I’m interested in meeting up with anyone at any time after that. Mail me at Aleksander dot Soleim at gmail.

  18. robirahman says:

    To anyone who is on the fence about hosting – go for it! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to organize a meetup when Scott first posted this, but I was inadvertently dragged into doing it and it turned out to be the best thing that happened to me all year. The readers of this blog are some of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met, and there’s almost nowhere else I can go for such engaging conversations.

  19. JohnNV says:

    I’ve said this before, but I’m surprised at the lack of interest in Las Vegas. I’d be happy to host a meetup in the area, but don’t want to commit to a time/place if zero people are going to show up.

  20. OlynnaShale says:

    Lexington Kentucky, anyone? Anyone?



    • OlynnaShale says:

      How about August 5, 6 p.m. picnic at the UK Arboretum. Good weather provided, meet at the picnic tables under the big cherry tree near the entrance.

      Is that how I arrange a meetup?

      • Charles F says:

        Scott said he wouldn’t have the page out until August 8th, so you should choose a date after that to give people some time to see it advertised.

        • OlynnaShale says:

          Oh, duh! How about the 19th?

          • Charles F says:

            Not sure why we’d know better than you xp, but I think if you consolidate your proposed info into one comment (possibly adding contact info and clarifying “the entrance” with an address if there’s more than one way in) then you will have arranged a meetup in a way Scott will notice and advertise.

    • Nathan Heller says:

      I’m in Lexington and I’d be down for a meetup. I can also organize and/or host depending on whatever’s needed. Let me know what you think and we can throw a top-level comment up for everyone.

      • OlynnaShale says:

        I’m pretty new to this and don’t have much of a leader personality but I’d enjoy a meetup, what are your thoughts?

        • I’m okay with organizing it. Let’s do it on the 19th like you suggested, maybe around 6 or 7 pm. Let’s do it at a brewery or coffee shop instead so we don’t have to worry about weather. Blue Stallion is pretty spacious and close to downtown. If that all sounds good, let me know and I’ll put up a top level comment.

  21. corticalcircuitry says:

    Boulder, CO:

    DATE: Saturday, August 11
    TIME: 3:00 PM
    PLACE: Private Home, 3143 Eastwood Ct
    CONTACT: +14159883608

    • bassicallyboss says:

      Thank you for volunteering to host in Boulder! I plan to attend.

    • Izaak says:

      I wish I could come – I will be out of town that weekend. feel free to contact me at if/when you know of another meetup.

    • bassicallyboss says:

      For some reason it didn’t occur to me to post this sooner, but there is a twice-monthly Less Wrong reading group that meets in Boulder. We’re currently reading the sequences because none of us have actually read them all, but we intend to branch out eventually. Testing the waters this week with a discussion of Scott’s recent posts on value differences.

      Meetings on the first and third Mondays of the month, either on campus or at the Rayback Collective. Yes, that includes tonight! We’ll be at the Rayback Collective from 7:15. I’ll try to make a sign.

      Info: page for tonight’s meeting

  22. sentientbeings says:

    Bars don’t seem to have worked very well at all.

    I’m curious as to why that has been the case. Could anyone who has experienced poor meetup results at a bar expand on that or provide insight into what did or did not work? I can think of a few possibilities but my immediate thought is that the success of the meetup would be highly dependent on the choice of bar.

    • aphyer says:


      • sentientbeings says:

        Right, that’s why “choice of bar” seems important. There are plenty of bars that are fine for conversation, and conversation seems to me to be the obvious attraction of a SSC meetup. If people select a bar on a criterion like “I like this bar because it’s where I go out on a Friday night; it has dancing and great live music” then it I expect the meetup would go poorly. On the other hand, that seems so obvious that I’m confused about why people would agree to meet there at all.

  23. Ryan Khurana says:

    Toronto, Canada:

    DATE: Saturday, August 18th
    TIME: 5:00pm
    LOCATION: Prenup Pub (St. George and College Street)

  24. Alex Zavoluk says:

    Austin still has a regular LW/SSC meetup, which occurs every Saturday at 1:30 PM at Central Market (4001 N Lamar).

    I will post again when I have a date for the “big SSC day”, which will probably be in September because CM is too small to go inside and it’s too hot in August to go outside.

    edit: Also, last time we did this we had about 40 people, very close to our expressed interest of 43. So make sure your venue has enough room for more than 25% of the people who express interest.

    • dalemannes says:

      Is this on Or is this advertised anywhere? I’d like to try attending an SSC meetup in Austin.

  25. Jakobus says:

    An offer to host for Berlin, Germany:

    Location: St. Bart, Graefestraße 71, 10967 Berlin
    Date: Saturday August 18
    Time: 5pm (German time)
    Email: (please email if you want to come, so I can make a somewhat suitable reservation)

    • sirdavidoff says:

      Thanks for offering to organise this! Count me in

      • Jakobus says:

        Great! I also got an email from one more person who wants to join. So so far we should be at least three… and I expect more once the official post on SSC with the meetup dates is posted! 🙂

  26. Anders says:

    I could host a meetup in Oslo, Norway. If anyone is interested, get in touch by email at anders at huitfeldt dot net

    • loslorenzo says:

      Have expressed interest by email to Anders on behalf of at least two people. So, if you had misgivings about being the first person to get in touch, worry not!

  27. wolvrine32 says:

    I’d be happy to host a meetup in Grand Rapids, MI

    Saturday, August 25
    Time: 3pm
    Location: Downtown Market

  28. VivaLaPanda says:

    Willing to host in the Santa Rosa/Sonoma County area. Don’t know how likely it is there are enough readers in the area, but hey, worth a shot.

    Saturday, August 25
    Time: 3pm
    Location: 4656 Quigg Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

  29. Bond says:

    Is there any interest in Appalachia / Mid-Ohio Valley? I’m thinking Marietta or Athens could also serve folks (Huntington? Charleston?) who are too far away from Columbus or Pittsburgh, but I have no idea if that covers anyone but me.

  30. spetey says:

    Okay, I’ll peek out of lurking mode long enough to volunteer to arrange a meetup in Buffalo New York. Let’s say

    Location: Five Points Bakery (44 Brayton St in Buffalo NY)
    Date: Sunday August 26th
    Time: 11am.
    Email: You can reach me at ‘spetey’ on Google’s email domain.

    If there is some but not enough interest in Buffalo, then maybe we could meet the Rochester group halfway.

    • nathan98000 says:

      Rochesterian here. Definitely would be interested if the meetup were a little closer.

    • FrozenFlame says:

      Fellow Buffalonian here also coaxed out of lurker mode. I’d definitely be open to a meetup at the time and location you’ve proposed, and I think I could get at least one other to join.

      Not necessarily opposed to coordinating with any pre-existing Rochester group though if turnout would be significantly better out there.

  31. jensfiederer says:

    I am assuming the “Rochester” group refers to Rochester, NY instead of the also-well-known Rochester, MN, and thus I do not have to volunteer but can simply show up!

    Let me know if I am wrong, please, Minnesotans!

    • albertborrow says:

      Probably Rochester NY. It’s more of a college town, which fits with my knowledge of SSC’s readership.

  32. will4071 says:

    For folks in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, we’ll be holding our monthly meetup August 15th, at 7:30 PM at the Ponysaurus Brewing Company in Durham. Feel free to reach out to me at willdjarvis at for more info.

    • craig729 says:

      For those using ctrl-f: you should probably come to this one if you live in Raleigh, NC.

  33. James Ash says:

    Nashville, TN

    Tuesday, August 21
    Time: 7:00 pm
    Place: Industrious (swanky co-working space in the Gulch)
    1033 Demonbreun Ave
    Suite 300
    Nashville TN.
    james at

  34. peter.riboprotein says:

    Seattle had a pretty large showing last time, and I wanna make sure I coordinate with the hosts from last year. Let’s organize at the Seattle Rationality FB group.

    • mingyuan says:

      Let me know when you’ve picked a date!

      • Optimization Process says:

        I don’t know any better way to catch your attention than this! It happened (ctrl-f “Seattle!”).

        See you there! Hopefully!

  35. Miami:

    We’ve been having Miami meetups since last year although we’ve never gotten more than 7 people at any one meetup.

    Other search words: Florida, South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale

    They are on the second Saturdays of the month at 5pm at
    Pasion del Cielo Coffee
    3301 NE 1st Ave #100, Miami, FL 33137

    Next one is August 11th at 5pm.

    We also have a facebook group

    You can join the group or email me contact [at] postlibertarian [dot] com

    • jaimeastorga2000 says:

      I tried to go to one of your meetups last year. I ran into the following problems:

      1) Pasion del Cielo Coffee doesn’t have a parking lot, nor does any other building in the vicinity. Apparently I’m supposed to park my car in one of the incredibly claustrophobic parallel parking spots that line the street and get a ticket from a machine that takes only quarters, even though the nearest machine to del Cielo I could find turned out to be broken?

      2) When I finally did find a working parking machine a couple of blocks away and walked over to del Cielo, I was unable to find the meeting. The barista didn’t know anything about it, and walking around the cafe looking for something resembling a rationalist meetup yielded no results. It’s possible I simply took so long to get there that the meeting ended beforehand, but is there any way to identify the correct table? Also, how long do these meetings last? I would like to know how many quarters I’m supposed to feed the machine.

      3) I would have gone into the meeting completely blind because I don’t use Facebook and therefore cannot check the meetup page. Is it possible post information about the Miami meetups in a publicly-accessible page? It doesn’t have to be a dedicated website (though that would be best); just a Pastebin URL or an Open Thread comment would be better than expecting people to either join a Facebook group or commit the trivial inconvenience of sending an e-mail to obtain information.

      I would like to try attending the August 11th meetup, so please advise.

    • osberend says:

      I will not make this meetup, but might try to make a future one.

      However, a meetup in Northern Florida would be a lot easier for me; I might (might!) be able to organize one myself at some point if I knew that non-zero people would show up. Anyone located in or around Gainesville?

      Other search keywords: Alachua, Ocala, Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee.

  36. gabeweil says:

    Orange County:

    UC Irvine, Center of Aldrich Park

    August 10 at 6 PM

  37. This.shaking says:

    Hi – I’m a newbie from Brooklyn NYC. I generally chew my hair while reading SSC – fascinated, bewildered, confounded. I take my name from Roethke’s “The Waking”:

    How do I not see a meetup in NYC up here yet? – please: one of you 195, make it happen (or are you all in the Hamptons right now? Enjoy! I will be in a bungalow in the Catskills for a week in August.)
    And thank you so much, Scott! TS

  38. Hypoborean says:

    Sorry if there’s a Boston meet-up I’m unaware of. Proposing a meet-up:


    DATE: Saturday, August 11
    TIME: 3:00
    PLACE: Directly in front of the Hatch Memorial Shell (47 David G Mugar Way, Boston, MA 02108)
    Probably proceeding from there to a local coffee shop of some variety.


    • Taymon A. Beal says:

      FYI, I’m the local SSC meetup organizer; however, we put meetups on hiatus last year until they started being advertised on SSC again, due to lack of attendance. Let me know if you want this announced on the mailing list.

      • Hypoborean says:

        Hi Taymon,

        Yes, please announce this on your mailing list. Can you email me at the email listed above to facilitate organization? I haven’t done one of these before and I’d welcome your advice / assistance.


  39. callmesalticidae says:

    Is there any rule against organizing a second San Francisco meetup? I’m not available on Mondays and it occurs to me that there might be a handful of other people in the same boat, so I’d be willing to organize a second one.

    • mingyuan says:

      I’d say go for it, given the level of interest in SF! The SF meetup is great but if you’re never available on Mondays then it’d be hard to join. I suggest scheduling something on a weekend?

  40. Ralf says:

    Cologne – Köln
    DATE: Saturday, August 25
    TIME: 16:00
    PLACE: The Starbucks at Friesenplatz (Hohenzollernring 70)

    You can also mail me at rm11 at

    • EGI says:

      Hi Ralf,
      there is already an established LW / SSC – meetup in Cologne (see below). If you are interested please join our mailing list. I just invited you via Google Groups. If something with Google went wrong please contact me via marcel_mueller(at)mail(dot)de.

  41. kaakitwitaasota says:

    Anybody in Chengdu? Sunday the 12th, ~3 PM? I’m thinking somewhere in Tongzilin–maybe Beer Nest 2 or that Italian restaurant right next to it?

    My WeChat is campbellnilsen.

    • kaakitwitaasota says:

      Time ran out to edit the above comment, so final details:

      Chengdu SSC Meetup

      DATE Sunday, August 12th.
      TIME 3 PM.
      PLACE The Beer Nest 2, near Tongzilin metro station. I am expecting a smallish crowd, so we can move (e.g. to find dinner) if there’s a quorum to do so.

      My WeChat is campbellnilsen. Feel free to add me.

  42. halum says:

    Pune, India

    DATE: Saturday, August 11
    PLACE: Cafe Coffee Day outlet at IISER campus.

    I am not sure whether SSC/LW meetups have happened before in India, but even if 5 people turn up, I am willing to give it a go.

    For any queries feel free to email me at
    7rat13 at gmail dot com.

    • Phoenix9140 says:

      Thank you so much for offering to host. I am all the way up north in Dehradun, but thinking of coming if there is more interest.

      • halum says:

        Great! Please do come. I have some friends from my university who will also join. Together we can kick off the first SSC/LW+ community in India.

  43. Ferb Freeman says:

    Date: Saturday, August 18
    Time: 1:00 pm
    Place: Pour Cleveland Cafe, 530 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115

  44. a_lieb says:

    Northampton, MA

    DATE: Friday, Aug 31
    TIME: 6:30 PM
    PLACE: The Foundry (cafe), 24 Main St.

    As far as I know there has never been an SSC or Less Wrong meetup yet in the Western Massachusetts/Five College area. But I know for sure there are rationalists in the area, so it will be fun if we can get something going.

    • SamChevre says:

      Yay! I was going to post something for Springfield/Hartford/Amherst, but this works.

      • a_lieb says:

        Nice! Yeah, I’m thinking Northampton is a nice middle ground between Amherst and the Springfield/Holyoke area. Most Upper Valley meetups seem to happen there.

        • grey_ghost says:

          I will probably be busy with orientation on the 31st, alas. I’ll see if I have time to sneak off, but even if I don’t I would definitely be interested in later meetings!

      • a_lieb says:

        Just updated both the location and time. Hopefully this version will work for you, grey_ghost, and anyone else that’s interested.

    • a_lieb says:

      This meetup has been moved to a new day and location. I added a top level post, but I’ll leave the info here as well:

      Northampton, MAUpdated! I have changed both the date and location.

      DATE: Saturday, Sep 8
      PLACE: The Roost (cafe), 1 Market St.
      TIME: 6:30 PM

      The original location (The Foundry cafe) has closed under mysterious circumstances. Also, grey_ghost has indicated that they would be interested, but probably not available on the original day due to college orientation. I don’t know if this new date works any better for them, but no time for back-and-forth to find out!

  45. instant says:


    Saturday 25th of August at 16:00
    Location: The Bäckeranlage Park. We can move to Kosmos if the weather doesn’t pan out.

    My name is Juri and you can contact me at If you rsvp then I’ll give you my phone number to make it easier to find each other. Don’t hesitate to come, it’ll be fun even if we’re just a small handful of people!

  46. Jorge says:

    Long time lurker, first post.

    I can host in Costa Rica’s central valley.

    25 Aug, 14:00
    Food Court in Multiplaza, Escazú
    I can be contacted via Whatsapp at +506 6219 9230

  47. davidkatz says:

    Would love to host in Tel Aviv on Monday, August 13th at 19:00.

    Melchett 23, Tel Aviv
    3rd Floor, Apartment 12
    Building Code 7890 ‘Enter’


    I’d host at my apartment in central Tel Aviv. I’ve never organised an SSC meetup, but I have organised several meetups for my podcast which used to be a popular tech and business show. In case personal background matters: I’m 35, I’m the founder of a startup with 40 employees, I have a degree in physics.

  48. Dublin: Hi, I run EA Ireland and we run circa a meetup a month. We would be happy to have this meet-up on the 14th of August, 6pm at the Gingerman pub, Finean St, Dublin.

  49. Clord Barampom says:


    DATE: Saturday, August 11
    TIME: 3:00
    PLACE: Cafe Dox, Stora Nygatan 31, 111 27 Stockholm
    TOPIC: The Categories Were Made For Man, Not Man For The Categories

    Meetups happen monthly. See
    We will have an A4 sized SlateStarCodex logo. If CafeDox is closed, we will go nearby to Grändens Cafe, Yxsmedsgränd 2.

  50. drigeolf says:


    DATE: Sunday, August 19
    TIME: 14:00
    PLACE: tbd

    I know this is more vague than what you’re asking, but I’m not sure if
    there is anyone else in Istanbul who reads your blog or LW. Can we just
    put it out there and see if there is any interest?

    p.s. I allowed notifications for this comment, so reply here if you want
    to ask me something.

    • mingyuan says:

      In the last week LW got 120 hits in Istanbul (as well as 40 in Ankara and 40 in Izmir, although I know that’s probably not very helpful). For comparison, Austin and Denver, which both have healthy rationalist communities, each had about 200 hits last week. So I encourage you to just pick a place and show up there at the appointed time! If you bring a good book to read, then the worst that can happen is that no one else shows up and you spend a couple hours reading. Good luck 🙂

      (Source: LW’s internal analytics)

      • drigeolf says:

        That sounds like a good idea. I’ll give it a shot

        Location update: Espresso Lab in Istiklal Cd., Taksim (right across the street from the French embassy).

        (edit) contact info: vsural [at]

  51. fustruly says:

    Kansas City:

    Date: Sunday August 19th
    Time: 12pm
    Place: Mud Pie Bakery (1615 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111)
    Contact: fustruly at

    I don’t have a topic, just would love for us Kansas City ssc readers to meet each other.

  52. Nihal M says:

    Bangalore, India.

    Date : Sunday Aug 26th
    Time :4pm
    Place : Matteo Cafe,. Church Street. ( Has metro connectivity via mg road)

    Contact : m.nihalmohan at

    Don’t have a clear agenda or topic in mind, would love to meet fellow SSC and LW readers from Bangalore.

  53. David Richelson says:

    DATE: Saturday, August 11
    TIME: Noon
    PLACE: Starbucks 680 Ala Moana Blvd A101, Honolulu HI 96813
    CONTACT INFO:, 520-369-3359

  54. Alex Zavoluk says:

    Scott Aaronson has expressed that he may attend the Austin meetup, which will be Saturday, September 1st at 1:30 PM at Central Market (4001 N Lamar). Note this is labor day weekend. General questions about the meetup/our regular meetup can be direct to!forum/austin-less-wrong

  55. EGI says:

    Cologne LW/SSC meetup:
    Monthly meetup Saturday at 5pm, date and location will follow on August 2nd.

    • mingyuan says:

      You should coordinate with Ralf above

    • EGI says:

      Date and Place for Cologne Meetup: August 11th 5 pm; Marienweg 43 50858 Köln.

      Since our next regular / social meetup is on August the 4th and thus to early for this purpose this SSC welcome meetup is attached to our board-gaming meetup. But fear not if you are not into board-gaming we will find a way to accommodate you. If you have any questions or want to join us on August the 4th please contact me via marcel_mueller(at)mail(dot)de.

  56. 4thwaywastrel says:

    We hold a monthly Meetup in Brisbane, just a group of similar humans talking about whatever’s been on their mind, all more than welcome. We’re having our next meetup this Saturday (the 3rd) at Netherworld, 7pm, look for the guy in a green jacket who (purportedly) looks like Jesus. Msg 0423728485 if you can’t find us on the night, and if you want to come but can’t make the 3rd 🙂


    • 4thwaywastrel says:

      *4th, Saturday the 4th (organise a meet-up they said, it’s easy you just have to let people know they said)

    • mingyuan says:

      Yay thanks Jarred! But FYI Scott might not post the list of meetups until the 8th, so it might be better to make the Schelling date the next meetup after that 🙂

    • 4thwaywastrel says:

      If you can’t make the 4th and want to know the deets on the next meetup:

      When: Friday 31st of August
      Where: The Ovolo Inchcolm bar, 73 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill QLD 4000

      Email me at if you want to be reminded of the location and date of meetups 🙂


  57. thegreatnick says:

    Noice. We’ve got a Rationality Cafe bubbling nicely in Bristol, UK, and we have monthly meetups already booked.
    The next one after 8th of August is Sunday, 2 September 2018, 15:00, Pinkmans Bakery, 85 Park Street, BS1 5PJ Bristol, UK, Facebook event:
    Following ones are Sunday, 28 October 2018, Sunday, 25th November 2018

  58. YannickM says:

    Tuebingen, Germany:

    DATE: Monday, August 13
    TIME: 7 PM
    PLACE: Willi Tübingen, Wilhelmstraße 3/1, 72074 Tübingen

  59. eelcohoogendoorn says:

    Amsterdam has had a monthly with around 4-5 people attending typically; it hasnt been very active recently but im giving it another shout out in case there is a resurgence of interest.

    • mingyuan says:

      Thanks! What are the date, time, and location?

      • kieuk says:

        Do a ctrl+F on this page for ‘Amsterdam’ and you’ll find details of the next meetup.

    • silver_swift says:

      I’d like to join a potential resurgence of interest. What time/place is it? And are you the same group that doortraptedaan posted a meetup for?

  60. waltonmath says:

    Portland, Oregon, USA:

    DATE: Saturday, August 11
    TIME: 12:30 PM
    PLACE: Email zimxfaz125@symux.oay (ROT12) for the location.

  61. Pratfins says:

    I’m the organizer for the new STL SSC/LW meetup. We had our first meetup already scheduled for August 9, the day after Scott is scheduled to post the times. For the sake of giving people who didn’t see the first one time to plan, I’m going to go ahead and schedule a second meetup occurring the weekend two weeks after the first. Scott, feel free to post both, or just the second one.

    Saint Louis
    WHEN: (1) Th. 8/9 @ 6:30PM | (2) Sat. 8/25 @ 2:00 PM
    WHERE: (1) The Coffee Cartel, 2 Maryland Plaza | (2) Schlafly Library meeting room, 225 N. Euclid
    CONTACT: 636-219-0944 (Dakota) or djcart137@gmail
    NOTES: Both locations are close to each other. Parking is paid until 7PM, but there is almost always free parking available a few blocks down the road, behind the Cathedral Basilica. If you value convenience, there is a (paid) parking garage attached to the library.

    I haven’t been able to reserve a meeting room at the library yet — the person who runs that isn’t there on the weekends and the other employees aren’t able to tell me what timeslots are available, so the location may change tomorrow if I can’t get one.

  62. SteveReilly says:

    I’ll host in Charleston, SC. We can meet in Marion Square at 3 pm, Sunday August 12. Lots of restaurants nearby to get dinner at.

    Since I’m guessing there aren’t many of us from Charleston here, if you want to meet up but can’t make the place or time, just let me know and I can change it.

  63. NS says:

    Hong Kong is not on the list, but I’d be willing to host if it interest does arise.

    I could probably also do Shenzhen.

  64. Joe says:

    If anyone from the Oklahoma City area wants to meet up let me know. I’m in Norman but I’m willing to drive as far as Edmond or maybe Yukon.

  65. Andras Lenart says:

    Anyone interested in a meet-up in Victoria, BC?

  66. themindgoo says:

    Are there any meetups in Riga or anywhere else in Latvia? If not I would be willing to organize at 16:00 on Friday 10th August in Uzvaras parks.

  67. arunbharatula says:

    I am volunteering to organize a meetup

    Exact address: 9/8 Walsh Place, Curtin, Australian Capital Territory (Canberra, Australia)

    Time: 7pm local time

    Date: Friday 24th of August 2018

    Contact details: +61 432356733 or email [at]

    Remember to replace with whatever the username I posted from it.

  68. synecdoche says:

    I’d be interested in Hong Kong

    • xevarion says:

      I’m in HK and could host. Do you know anyone else? I think we’re a little late for Scott’s post, but can still try to get something together if there’s interest.

  69. doortraptedaan says:


    Date: Saturday August 11
    Time: 15:00
    Place: On the grass in front of Weesperzijde 100.

  70. trustacean says:


    DATE: Tuesday, August 28
    TIME: 6 pm
    PLACE: Dubliner (Kaivopiha)

  71. nikoschwarz says:


    Date: 2018-08-28
    Time: 19:30
    Place: Fork&Bottle

    • mingyuan says:

      Someone already posted a meetup for Zurich above; you should coordinate with him.

    • spencer says:

      Is this intended to be on a Tuesday?

      I would second coordinating with Juri about the suggested Saturday meetup at Bäckeranlage Park. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have two competing SSC meetups the same week.

  72. askwho says:

    Birmingham UK:

    Date: 2018-08-25
    Time: 15:00
    Place: Caffè Nero, 8-9 Lower Temple St, Birmingham B2 4JD.

    Notes: We will be set up downstairs in the larger seating area. This is right by New Street Station if anyone is coming into the city by train.

  73. AchWheesht says:

    Edinburgh Scotland:

    Date: 2018-09-01
    Time: 15:00
    Place: Spoon, 6a Nicolson Street, EH8 9DH

    Notes: Vegan friendly cafe, looking forward to meeting you all 🙂

    • Rowan Santry says:

      We seem to have two Edinburg meetups, which surprises the hell out of me. I just posted – Slate Star Codex Group Edinburgh, Scotland will meet on 12th August at 6pm in BrewDog on Lothian Road. The table booked under the name Hughes – we’re not expecting a huge crowd and if we are too many we may move be overcrowded because it’s the festival, but will try to stay in place. If you want to contact us we have a Facebook Group at

      Do you want to coordinate?

  74. unitir says:

    I’m interested in attending one in Copenhagen if anyone wants to organize! I live in Aarhus though so wouldn’t want to organize it only to drive all the way there and see that nobody showed up 🙂

    • 4gravitons says:

      Also potentially interested

    • RebeccaCrowley says:

      I’d love to host a meetup on the 28th of september. I can’t attend at any earlier date earlier since I’m travelling.

      • RebeccaCrowley says:

        I was hoping there’d be more activity but alas.
        Date: fri september 28th
        Location: Stengården Station
        Time: 17-17:30 (I’ll be there to greet anyone who shows up. reply here if you think you’ll be somewhat eraly/late. I’ll be wearing a big black hat)
        I’ll walk attendees to a lovely garden with a lovely outhouse (it’s a grillhytte, give it a google image search) and we’ll drink and make a fire and what ever comes to mind.

        • MathiasBonde says:

          Hey, sorry for not expressing vocal interest earlier. I’ve been trying to gauge who in the danish EA movement and danish AI safety reading group would be interested in Attending. I know at least three people, who I am very confident will attend.

          My plan was to arrange the event at studenterhuset, which is located right near nørreport. That is where we’ve had the most success with social happenings in EA Denmark.

          If you want me to, I’d love to book the rooms and arrange the event 🙂

          • unitir says:

            Glad there is activity in Denmark! I’d be more interested in one that is held in Aarhus in Studenterhouse but if we don’t have enough people from Aarhus, I’d do the drive to CPH 🙂
            Can we come to an agreement? Seems we have around 5 people in Aarhus and potentially 2 in CPH?

          • MathiasBonde says:

            For some reason I cannot reply to you unitir, but I just want to specify I mean the studenterhus in Copenhagen near nørreport.

          • joakimviol says:

            I would love to attend an event, preferably in Aarhus. Copenhagen is also okay.
            Also, I was not aware of a Danish AI safety reading group. Would very much appreciate any points of contact.

          • RebeccaCrowley says:

            Hey Mathias. Studenterhuset sounds like a good idea. With your group there seems to be a majority of københavnere over aarhusianere 🙂 Say you arrange a meetup in Studenterhuset ved Nørreport on the 28h of september?

          • MathiasBonde says:

            Okay. I will book a room at studenterhuset for the 28th then.

            I will at meetup details in a comment along with a link to a facebook event to make it easy to invite friends to the event etc.

          • Soeren E says:

            Hi Mathias,

            I’ll also be there at Studenterhuset in Copenhagen on friday the 28th of September 17:00.

            @joakimviol: Come join us at the AI Safety Danmark Facebook group. Reading group is Wednesdays and next meetup is on the 6th of September.

            Best regards
            Søren Elverlin

          • mikk14 says:

            My wife and I are interested in attending, if the meeting is indeed at Nørreport September 28 @ 5PM — the current status isn’t very clear. So if that’s correct, you could count on +2.

          • MathiasBonde says:

            Studenterhuset Copenhagen has confirmed my booking!

            The event will be on the 28th of September at 5:00 pm in the churchwing of studenterhuset:
            – Købmagergade 52, 1150 Copenhagen

            I’ve created a facebook event, by pressing attend you will make it easier for me to gauge just how many snacks I should buy 🙂


            contact email:
            contact phone: +45 93 93 42 43

          • mikk14 says:

            Fantastic. Both my wife and I signed up in the Facebook event page.

  75. This.shaking says:

    Hi – I’m a newbie from Brooklyn NYC. I generally chew my hair while reading SSC – fascinated, bewildered, confounded. I take my name from Roethke’s “The Waking”:
    How do I not see a meetup in NYC up here yet? – please: one of you 195, make it happen (or are you all in the Hamptons right now? Enjoy! I will be in a bungalow in the Catskills for a week in August.) Yay! This Shaking

  76. spinystellate says:

    I’m not currently planning one for Phoenix, but we had one a few weeks ago, and have had two total. If anyone wants to organize/host another one, join this group:!forum/slate-star-codex-phoenix, and then post the invitation.

  77. NoRandomWalk says:

    I am volunteering to host a meetup in Jersey City (NYC folks welcome to come).
    If someone from the main NYC LessWrong group organizes a meetup hope would be reasonable to cancel and merge this into that one.

    Date: Aug 11
    Time: 11am
    If large group of primarily Jersey City folks, Lincoln Park
    If medium size group of primarily NYC folks, at my apartment with snacks at 30 Newport Pkwy, Jersey City, 07310 (2min walk from Newport Path Station)

    Contact details:
    408 857 9822, or 37davidg [at]

  78. AdamKeesling says:

    Recently found this community and very interested in meeting up. Located in the Chicago area, I’m guessing there’s already a regular meetup? Anyone have information on that?

    • mingyuan says:

      There isn’t currently a regular meetup in Chicago. You can join the Facebook group for the Chicago community here.

      • robertzk says:

        Hi Mingyuan! Please contact me, as I have hosted the regular Chicago meetups before. They were at U of C, but we can certainly pick a more central location.

    • robertzk says:

      Hi Adam! Please contact me, as I have hosted the regular Chicago meetups before. They were at U of C, but we can certainly pick a more central location.

  79. DavRu says:

    I’ll host a group in San Diego!

    DATE: Sunday 6/26
    TIME: 6:30 pm
    PLACE: Lestat’s Coffee House, Adams Ave.

    I am brand new to SD, so if there’s already a group here let me know. Also if anyone has a better idea for a place, post that too. (Every bar I’ve been to so far is too loud or small – but there’s a million breweries here, ONE of them has to be appropriate, right??)

  80. robertzk says:

    I can host a Chicago meetup sometime in September. For those who answered Chicago, does anyone have a preference on time or place?

    • Rich Rostrom says:

      Chicago, north side of the city or near north suburbs (Evanston/Skokie/Wilmette). I have caregiver obligations; I can get relief, but only on a weekend, or for a short weeknight.

    • mingyuan says:

      To quote Scott above – “Please just give me an exact time, date, and address, and I will advertise it on the blog, and you won’t need to poke anybody.” There are a hundred people interested in Chicago, and no time or place you choose is going to work for literally all of them.

      Your best bet is probably to have it on a weekend, in a central location that’s fairly easy to reach by public transportation – maybe in Oglivie Station, or the field by the Art Institute again. I would lean toward being outside (weather permitting) given how many people came to the last two big meetups.

      • robertzk says:


        Public service announcement: There will be an SSC meetup on Saturday, September 9th, starting at 12pm and ending whenever people are tired of interacting. It will be held at the field by the Art institute and the host will be Robert Krzyzanowski, available at 312 618 0316 or at rkrzyzanowski at gmail dot com.


  81. magicalbendini says:

    Manchester UK didn’t have 10 readers in the 2017 survey, but it definitely does now. Here are the details:

    City: Manchester
    Date: 18th August
    Time: 3pm
    Place: The grass patch next to The Warf pub in the city center M15 4ST coordinates 53.473975, -2.256884
    Contact info:

  82. Celestia says:

    San Diego has an SSC meetup group and an EA meetup group! We’ve been running for the last year or so, the SSC group started with the last meetups everywhere, with around ~25 active members and around 3 events per month.

    This month we’ll be hosting our discussion meetup at the beach!

    Date Saturday August 11th
    Time 2pm – 8pm PST
    Location Bonita Cove Park (
    Contact the.god.empress.celestia at or Celestia#1024 on Discord

    This spot has picnic tables and setups for BBQ; I’ll grab one in the morning and post where I am. It’s also a relatively calm swimming and beach area! I’ll be bringing a bunch of vegan things to grill, as well as some blankets. Bring what you like, but note alcohol is not permitted.
    We organize through FB and Google Groups; join either for more events and details!

    SSC Group FB Page:
    Google Group with Calendar+Email Listings:!forum/san-diego-ratadj
    LW Page:

  83. Celestia says:

    San Diego has an SSC meetup group and an EA meetup group! We’ve been running for the last year or so, the SSC group started with the last meetups everywhere, with around ~25 active members and around 3 events per month.

    This month we’ll be hosting our discussion meetup at the beach!

    Date Saturday August 11th
    Time 2pm – 8pm PST
    Location Bonita Cove Park
    Contact the.god.empress.celestia at or Celestia#1024 on Discord

    This spot has picnic tables and setups for BBQ; I’ll grab one in the morning and post where I am. It’s also a relatively calm swimming and beach area! I’ll be bringing a bunch of vegan things to grill, as well as some blankets. Bring what you like, but note alcohol is not permitted.
    We organize through FB and Google Groups; join either for more events and details! See the other comment.

    SSC Group FB Page:
    Google Group with Calendar+Email Listings:!forum/san-diego-ratadj

  84. Rolaran says:

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:
    Saturday, August 11th, 3:00 p.m.
    Garneau Remedy Cafe (8631 109 St NW)
    A group of us (about a half-dozen) had several meetups last year, it’s been a while since the last one but let’s see if we can get them rolling again!

    • Seppo says:

      Hi YEG! I will show up but can only stay for a few minutes, due to work responsibilities—would it be OK to push the time back to 2:00 or even 1:00? (Not sure how long these things typically go on for…)

      • Rolaran says:

        1:00 would be fine by me, and they were pretty flexible to both duration and people dropping in/out.

        • Rolaran says:

          We are at the Remedy Cafe! Forgot to mention that there is an upstairs that is quieter, that’s where we are.

  85. Jules says:

    How about something in PARIS on Saturday, Sept 1st?*
    If sunny, I would suggest a park in the early afternoon. I know a nice spot at Trocadero.

    *I’m afraid I can’t be sure to be available on the previous week-ends

    • Hey says:

      Great ! I wanted someone to organize a meetup in Paris but I felt too awkward and low-status to volunteer ;). Please provide a precise time and place and I’ll try to come.

    • Grenouille says:

      I should be able to attend. If you could define a precise place and/or give contact info, it would be easier to coordinate.

  86. LP says:


    DATE: Saturday, August 11th
    TIME: 17:00
    PLACE: Guddenstraße 7, Munich

    We are a recently formed LW meetup group. On this date, Felix will present Aumann’s Agreement Theorem and afterwards there will be room for open exchange. If you would like, you could prepare to present a summary of one of your favourite SCC articles – that is always very enriching.
    Details on the meetup including contact information: event, facebook group.
    Hope to see some of you soon!

  87. sugiwithbentknee says:

    I’m offering to host a meetup in Sheffield, UK if there is enough interest.

    DATE: 30th September (Quite late but I think it would be best to wait till Uni term time has started)
    WHERE: My house, Crookesmoor, S10 1DJ

    I can be contacted at

  88. pvs says:

    There is an EA/LW/SSC group in Madrid(Spain)
    We can host a meetup there if anyone is interested. At least 3-4 people from the group will probably be there, some of them hardcore SSC readers 😉

    WHEN: Saturday, September 15th. 12:00
    WHERE: Crepes and Waffles, Calle de Fuencarral, 105, Madrid

    We speak both English and Spanish.

    You can also look in our and Facebook groups for future meetup announcements if you are interested, and feel free to ask for a different date/time if none suits you.

  89. Rm says:

    Kyiv, Ukraine

    DATE: Saturday, August 11th
    TIME: 11.00 (if you would like to begin later, please comment here)
    PLACE: the bookshop at Lobanovskogo avenue, 6 A (“Дім Книги”)
    PROS: tea, books, wifi, food shops within 100 m. Please bring your own cup, and I can store it for you if you decide to come again.
    CONS: if there are more than 4 of you, you might have to sit on cardboard on the floor. (We plan to have more chairs, but not yet.) Also, my boss didn’t explicitly agree to the idea when I ran it by her. Also, I haven’t done this before and don’t know if it will be comfortable, but FWIW, I work there and will be glad to see you on Saturdays until 19.00. If I am not at work, I will write beforehand to everyone who contacts me at

    If I have the time, I will bring some craft paper and paper holder pads, and we can have fun drawing things while we talk.

    Ask for Marichka.

    • mingyuan says:

      Hi Marichka! I’m having trouble finding the location of your meetup. Is this the correct place? Let me know if not.

  90. Michael Bishop says:

    Where: Sconewitch – 150 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1L4 Canada
    When: Tuesday August 14th 5pm

    • Michael Bishop says:

      Please send a reply comment if you prefer a different location or time.

    • StefanDeYoung says:

      I’m going to be running a couple of other lesswrong meetups in Ottawa in August. I’ll post another top-level comment with the details.

      I’ll come drop by for some of your meetup too! 🙂 (I’d stay for the whole thing but I have prior commitments on Tuesdays)

  91. MirandaGavrin says:

    I volunteer to host the Pittsburgh, PA meetup on 9/15 starting at 12:00 noon at 326 Lincoln Ave, Carnegie, PA (which is my house). If you think there is greater than a 30% probability you will attend, please RSVP to mirandagavrin @ gmail so I know how much food to get. Some of the food will definitely be vegan. There will also be board games; feel free to bring your own board games to supplement mine. No context is required, because I’ve never hosted or been to a Pittsburgh meet up and there is none to be had. If you have any other logistics questions, you can send them to my email above.

  92. mathieuroy37 says:

    Date: Saturday, September 1
    Time: 14:00 – 17:00 EDT
    Location: 810 Avenue Duluth E, Montréal, QC H2L 1B3, Canada (at the Macroscope, a LW/EA sharehouse).
    Event link:
    Organizer (me) name: Mati Roy
    Organizer (me) contact:

    People can often be intimidated coming to such meetings for a first time, but it has always been very interesting meeting new people from SSC! If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to email me. If you can’t make it to this particular event, you can check out the LessWrong group or Effective Altruism group for future events.

  93. Jiri Nadvornik says:

    City: Prague, Czech Republic
    Date and time: Aug 26th, starting at 18:30
    Place: Tea room dharmasala, Peckova 296/15 (map)
    Contact: Jiří Nádvorník,,

    There will be people from local LW & EA groups.

  94. Utility Monster says:

    Vancouver, BC

    Date: Saturday, August 11
    Time: 3:00 pm
    Place: Central Library, downtown Vancouver

    I will try to book a room, but they can only be reserved same day. So meet just inside main entrance.

    Contact: rot13 tbbqgbja.e on Google’s email domain.

  95. StefanDeYoung says:

    Ottawa, ON
    Group: Rational Ottawa
    Location: Art House Café. 555 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 5K1
    Organiser: Stefan De Young (me)
    Event Details:

    Friday, August 10 – Topic: Logic
    Wednesday, August 15 – Topic: TBD
    Friday, August 24 – Topic: TBD

    We usually meet weekly on Fridays at Art House, but we’re trying to get as many meetups with Shayna and Daniel before they move to Toronto at the end of the month. Hence the Wednesday. Sometimes we move to the Pour Boy if people want food or Dundonald Park if it’s nice out.

    I will be cross-posting to the Less Wrong community page soon.

  96. WafflesWaffles says:

    San Antonio, TX

    DATE: Saturday, August 10
    TIME: 2:00 PM
    PLACE: Local Coffee @ 7338 Louis Pasteur Dr #204, San Antonio, TX 78229

    Starting new meetup. Look for the table with a beholder on it. It looks something like this:


  97. embrodski says:


    Date: Tuesday, August 7
    Time: 7:00 pm
    Place: 5151 E Yale Cir, Denver, CO 80222-6934
    It’s the common room of an apartment complex, walk around the side a bit and you’ll see us behind glass doors.

    We meet the first Tuesday of every month, so next meeting will be Sept 4, same time. The location isn’t always available, and when we’re not here we meet at Darcy’s Bistro instead ( 4955 S Ulster St # 103, Denver, CO 80237 ).


  98. Lexington, Kentucky

    DATE: Sunday, August 19, 2018
    TIME: 7:00 pm
    PLACE: Blue Stallion Brewing — 610 W 3rd Street, Lexington, KY 40508
    CONTACT: hellernathan19 at gmail

    (nearby cities for Ctrl+F: Cincinnati, Louisville, Shelbyville, Covington)

  99. philh says:

    London UK: the rationalish meetup group will be organising this. August 12, 2pm. Venue is the Deep End, the local group house: 48 St Paul’s Crescent, NW1 9YA. It’s about equidistant from King’s Cross and Camden Road stations.

    You can contact me,, or we have a facebook group and a subreddit.

  100. Amakthel says:

    Ann Arbor:

    Date: August 11th
    Time: 7 pm
    Place: All Hands Active, 225 East Liberty
    I might be willing to share contact information if people express a further need for information in response to this comment.

    • Avaria·vitievA says:

      Hi! I live in Ann Arbor and am interested in going. May I know if the meetup has definitively been set up as well as how many are estimated to come? Thank you!

      • Amakthel says:

        I am definitely going to be there, and the venue, All Hands Active, is definitely going to be open, and will remain so from 7-10 pm at minimum, longer if a bunch of people show up and want to keep hanging out. There really isn’t any particular time at which I have to close the place.

        I haven’t gotten a lot of bites but you can contact me at 7343520125, messages preferable.

  101. oh_moses says:

    Vienna, Austria
    Kaisermühlenstrasse 24 (opposite the Stadlau U2 station)
    Saturday, August 18

    This is the monthly meetup of Rationality Vienna. The language of the meetup is English.
    Fb group:
    How to get there: The meeting room is on the ground floor of the apartment buidling which is across the road from the Stadlau station. The room entrance is on the opposite (eastern) side of the building, between Erich-Fried-Weg and Fahngasse.

  102. nemorathwald says:


    Day: Saturday, August 18
    Time: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
    Place: The Creator’s Commons, in the University district by Livernois, 7 Mile Rd, and Woodward. It’s a large house, where I live with four other artists/programmers. No children or pets.

    For the address, please RSVP to matt.mattarn at gmail.

    The more people arrive, the more pizzas I will order. It’s on me.

    – Matt Arnold

  103. Optimization Process says:

    Seattle! A SSC meetup is definitely happening with the following details:

    Date: Sunday, September 9
    Time: 2:00pm – 8:00pm
    Address: 5238 11th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

    It’ll be at the local rationality/EA house! It has ~5 natural conversation spaces, and regularly holds ~30-person rationality/EA events easily. There will be plentiful (free!) food, of both meal and snack varieties. We expect people to wander in and out throughout the day, like last year. It’ll be SO GREAT.

    Organizer details:

  104. wearsshoes says:

    I delayed posting this so that we could get survey results from within the OBNYC group.

    New York City (NYC) / Manhattan:
    Saturday August 18, 3:00 pm

    Hudson Eats Food Court, tables near the Black Seed Bagel (will have a sign at the tables)
    Brookfield Place, 2nd Floor
    230 Vesey Street
    New York, NY 10281

    Contact: Rachel Shu (650) 534-7354

  105. gusbicalho says:

    We have a monthly rationalist meetup in São Paulo/Brasil, any reader of this blog is very welcome to join us!
    We usually have presentations and discussions on rationalist themes.

    Next meeting:
    Time: 2018-08-25, Saturday, 2PM (Local time, i.e. GMT-0300)
    Place: Vanilla Cafe – R. Antônio Carlos, 452 (near Metro Consolação)
    You can also join us at the Racionalidade-LW-SP mail list!forum/racionalidade
    Or the group:
    Or the Facebook group:

  106. bean says:

    I have a late entry. We’ll call it San Pedro, because that’s probably not on the list. I’m doing a meetup/tour at the USS Iowa on September 8th. Details.

  107. macedonia says:


    DATE: Saturday, August 25th
    LOCATION: Agora [Coffee Shop], 1712 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77098
    TIME: 10AM
    CONTACT: alex.m.weldy at gmail

    RSVPs aren’t necessary, but if no one’s showed up or contacted me by 10:30AM, I’ll be out of there.

  108. Rowan Santry says:

    Slate Star Codex Group Edinburgh, Scotland will meet on 12th August at 6pm in BrewDog on Lothian Road. The table booked under the name Hughes – we’re not expecting a huge crowd and if we are too many we may move be overcrowded because it’s the festival, but will try to stay in place. If you want to contact us we have a Facebook Group at

  109. euphetar says:

    Moscow meetup.
    Its known we have many Russian people here in SSC community.
    I am willing to organize it, but first I want to know how many people might come.

    Please take 10 seconds of your time to show your interest in this one question survey:

  110. Chris Pohlman says:

    Rochester, NY

    I haven’t been reading SSC very long but I’d love to meet some more local rationalists. I’ll have a sign that says “SSC Meetup” or something.

    1:00 PM
    Sunday, August 26th

    Wegmans Market Cafe Food Court
    745 Calkins Road
    Rochester, NY 14623

    Contact Info:

    • Thecommexokid says:

      We did a Rochester meetup in response to last year’s Meetups Everywhere post. As I recall, 5 or 6 people attended for about an hour and a half. We got to know each other for a bit and talked a little bit about how we found the blog, and then we ran out of things to say to each other, parted ways, and had no followup meetings.

      I will come again this year, but thought this might help to manage your expectations.

  111. wong says:

    I volunteer for a meetup in Phoenix, Arizona!

    DATE: Saturday August 18th
    TIME: 10 AM
    PLACE: 2933 N 17th Dr, Phoenix AZ 85015

    Shoot me a text at Seven 40 346 9664 and let me know you’re coming!

    • wong says:


      DATE: Saturday August 25th
      TIME: 10 AM
      PLACE: 2933 N 17th Dr, Phoenix AZ 85015

      Shoot me a text at Seven 40 346 9664 and let me know you’re coming!

  112. a_lieb says:

    Northampton, MAUpdated! I have changed both the date and location.

    DATE: Saturday, Sep 8
    PLACE: The Roost (cafe), 1 Market St.
    TIME: 6:30 PM

    The original location (The Foundry cafe) has closed under mysterious circumstances. Also, grey_ghost has indicated that they would be interested, but probably not available on the original day due to college orientation. I don’t know if this new date works any better for them, but no time for back-and-forth to find out!

  113. Greg Rosenthal says:

    Toronto, ON
    Saturday, August 11
    Hart House Circle Park (3J9, 1 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S 3J9)

  114. Majuscule says:

    Hope I’m not too late to include a meetup for Philadelphia:

    Thursday, August 30, starting at 6:00pm
    Tir Na Nog (Irish Pub)
    1600 Arch Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    dmcbriggs (at) gmail
    wfenza (at) gmail

    Hope to see you there!

  115. arch1 says:

    @SCOTT @bean
    (chuckle) love the shipboard venue and tour, but unless the “On Board The Battleship USS Iowa” tag is prefaced with e.g. “Los Angeles“, I suspect that the attendees may be a) few in number, b) unusually curious even for rationalists, c) unusually compulsive even for rationalists:-)

  116. arthurrainbow says:

    Brussel, Belgium
    Saturday 1rst of september. Let’s meet in the north part of the Parc de Bruxelles at 2PM.

    Unrelated note to @SCOTT. You have two «leave a reply» form, below and above the comments. The «notify me of follow-up comments by email» text of the bottom form checks the box of the upper form, which is pretty confusing.