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Things That Sometimes Help If You Have Depression

Some of my friends have depression and have asked me for some suggestions. These will be inferior to reading official suggestions, but you will probably not read official suggestions, and you may read this. Just so we’re clear, all opinions … Continue reading

Fish – Now By Prescription

I. LOVAZA™®© (ask your doctor if LOVAZA™®© is right for you) is an excellent medication. It is extraordinarily safe. It is moderately effective at its legal indication of lowering levels of certain fats in the bloodstream. It has moderately good … Continue reading

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Living By The Sword

[Trigger warnings: sexual abuse, scary Internet mobbing.] [Try not to link to this everywhere because I feel bad about discussing it and don’t want to spread it to more of the Internet than it has to be or make this … Continue reading

List Of The Passages I Highlighted In My Copy Of Jonathan Haidt’s “The Righteous Mind”

From the Department of Being Very Complete In Listing Possible Explanations: It turns out that witchcraft beliefs arise in surprisingly similar forms in many parts of the world, which suggests either that there really are witches or (more likely) that … Continue reading


I am going to do something very dangerous today, something that makes me acutely aware of my own mortality. I am going to disagree with Robin Hanson. In my defense, he wrote an entire blog post called Don’t Be ‘Rationalist’. … Continue reading

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Minutes From The Michigan Rationalist Meetup

0:58 – Discussion of unschooling. Two of the attendees were unschooled, and their opinions pretty much paralleled where the discussion went here – kids who are smart enough will learn stuff whether or not anyone is sending them to school; … Continue reading

Map-Territory Distinctions

When I moved here last year, I got a big trash can to put outside for garbage pickup. The trash can only got emptied about one in every two garbage days. I called the city’s Department Of That Sort Of … Continue reading

Archipelago and Atomic Communitarianism

I. In the old days, you had your Culture, and that was that. Your Culture told you lots of stuff about what you were and weren’t allowed to do, and by golly you listened. Your Culture told you to work … Continue reading

Don’t Be An Asch-Hole

Contrary to the direction the comments took, my Asch story the other day wasn’t intended to make any special commentary on families. That was just the first issue I thought of that wasn’t already so politicized that the story would … Continue reading

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Open Thread

Let’s try this and see what happens. Rules are anyone can post any discussion topic in the comments and other commenters join in. I’ll also use this as a generic housekeeping thread for my own requests, of which right now … Continue reading

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