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Medicine, As Not Seen On TV

Since I was twelve years old, my life has taken place in a series of Four Year Intervals. Four years of high school. Four years of college. Four years of medical school. Four years of residency. Four times four, nice … Continue reading

Minutes From The Michigan Rationalist Meetup

0:58 – Discussion of unschooling. Two of the attendees were unschooled, and their opinions pretty much paralleled where the discussion went here – kids who are smart enough will learn stuff whether or not anyone is sending them to school; … Continue reading

Map-Territory Distinctions

When I moved here last year, I got a big trash can to put outside for garbage pickup. The trash can only got emptied about one in every two garbage days. I called the city’s Department Of That Sort Of … Continue reading

Yet Another Parable On The Importance Of Controlling Your Experiments

This morning, I decide to finally try a certain productivity hack beginning with “M”, you know the one. As a test to see if it helped me increase my focus, I pick up a “Teach Yourself Calligraphy” book I had … Continue reading