"Talks a good game about freedom when out of power, but once he’s in – bam! Everyone's enslaved in the human-flourishing mines."

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Tax Bill 3: Don’t Mess With Taxes

I. Thanks to everyone who commented on my last two posts, especially the many people who disagreed with me. Two things I will admit I got mostly wrong: 1. I was wrong to say there was “no case” for the … Continue reading

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Response To Comments: The Tax Bill Is Still Very Bad

There was some good pushback on yesterday’s article on taxes. But sorry, I’m still right. Many people responded with generic low-tax anti-government positions. Fine. Let’s say the government is definitely bad and taxes are definitely too high. The current tax … Continue reading

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The Tax Bill Compared To Other Very Expensive Things

Here is the cost of the current GOP tax bill placed in the context of other really expensive things. Although it’s not quite enough money to solve world hunger, it’s enough to end US homelessness four times over or fund … Continue reading

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Contra Robinson On Public Food

I. Earlier this year, Nathan Robinson of Current Affairs wrote an article against school vouchers. He argued that private schools would be so focused on profit that they would sacrifice quality, and that competition wouldn’t be enough to keep them … Continue reading

Change Minds Or Drive Turnout?

I. Current Affairs: The Democratic Party Just Admitted It Doesn’t Stand For Anything. Overall it makes some good points, but one passage caught my eye: [Democrats believe that if you moderate your platform and swing toward the center] you might … Continue reading

To Understand Polarization, Understand Conservativism’s Failures

Earlier today I talked about one reason for increased polarization on the Democratic side. Now I want to match it with one reason the Republicans have even more of a problem. Ask anyone what Republicans want, and they’ll say things … Continue reading

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Postmarketing Surveillance Is Good And Normal

I. Scientific American notes a recent study saying that a third of drugs approved by the FDA over the past ten years have since been recalled, been given new boxed warnings, or been given new “safety communications”. A few people … Continue reading

Bail Out

Nobody likes that the US has the highest (second-highest after Seychelles?) incarceration rate in the world. But attempts to do something about it tend to founder on questions like “So, who do you want to release? The robbers, or the … Continue reading

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Getting High On Your Own Supply

There’s a lot of debate over what Hillary did wrong in her campaign, and how the Democrats can change before 2018 or 2020. Some of this revolves around policy positions. For example, should she have supported expanding Medicare to everyone? … Continue reading

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Neutral vs. Conservative: The Eternal Struggle

I. Vox’s David Roberts writes about Donald Trump and the rise of tribal epistemology. It’s got a long and complicated argument which I can’t really do justice to here, but the thesis seems to be that the US Right is … Continue reading

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