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Asches to Asches

[Content note: fictional story contains gaslighting-type elements. May induce Cartesian skepticism] You wake up in one of those pod things like in The Matrix. There’s a woman standing in front of you, wearing a lab coat, holding a clipboard. “Hi,” … Continue reading

Southeast Michigan Meetup 6/8

There will be a Michigan rationalist/LW/SSC meetup at my house, halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor, on Sunday, June 8th at 2 PM. You can find my address and directions here Topic will be “Yes, It’s Another Michigan Meetup” Ozy … Continue reading

Links for June 2014

Adorable ten year old Indian child sends a $20 bill to India’s central bank to “help the economy”. Here’s the letter they sent back. This is something I imagine Ozy having done as a ten year old. Did you know … Continue reading

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