Southeast Michigan Meetup 6/8

There will be a Michigan rationalist/LW/SSC meetup at my house, halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor, on Sunday, June 8th at 2 PM. You can find my address and directions here

Topic will be “Yes, It’s Another Michigan Meetup”

Ozy is now a permanent Michigan resident, so there is no Special Guest. If you are coming from afar, let me know and I will add your name as the Special Guest.

16 thoughts on “Southeast Michigan Meetup 6/8

  1. CAE_Jones

    I have an off-topic LW-related comment, and don’t actually know anywhere else to send it (while I presume somebody reading this does).

    I noticed what seems to be a Reddit layout update yesterday. I have been unable to vote/reply/expand collapsed comments, etc, on either Reddit or LessWrong since that update appeared. When I tried posting this in the latest Open Thread on LW, my address bar changed to or some such, and sat there; the comment did not appear when I concluded my browser wasn’t loading anything and refreshed the open thread.

    I’m using Firefox with NVDA and Adblock+. Suggestions are welcome.

    Sorry for the off topic.

    1. CAE_Jones

      The problem has been resolved. Working hypothesis is that my browser was sending the wrong identification and I was getting a layout intended for a different OS/browser combination, but if something else was changed I’m none the less appreciative.

      (Evidence for hypothesis: everything was better after an unexpected browser crash, and I noticed other websites mysteriously changing layouts thereafter.)

  2. Sniffnoy

    [Comment copied from LW]

    Hm — I might be able to show up, but I have no way of getting there, and I also would need to leave by a little after 7 or so, which means that if someone were to offer to drive me there/back it could put restrictions on them as well. So, uncertain.

  3. Ialdabaoth

    Okay. I really, REALLY need to get out of Podunk.

    Serious question: Should I vector towards Detroit / Ann Arbor, or the Bay Area? And how likely is it that I’d rub you guys the wrong way, if I DID move towards Ann Arbor? (Full disclosure: I’m pretty severely dysthymic, and tend to descend into panicked histrionics whenever life throws me more than major disruptions in rapid sequence)

    I miss being around smart, creative people. (An avid tabletop gaming community would be a plus)

    1. Scott Alexander Post author

      Bay Area. We have meetups once every two months, nothing in between, and I am sufficiently antisocial that I would probably be annoyed at requests to have them more often. The Bay Area is full of hundreds of people, has a thriving community of all types of people that does stuff all the time, and is also much nicer and has better job prospects. I will move there as soon as I finish my job here.

      1. Ialdabaoth

        Twin Falls, Idaho. I left Phoenix Arizona for here after burning out all of the Phoenix community’s goodwill with my mental health drama.

      1. Ialdabaoth

        Well, I have a LOT of medical debt, but I am also a pretty good computer programmer. On the gripping hand, I’m not conventionally hirable due to mental instability. 🙁

    2. drethelin

      If you’re looking somewhere better than nowhere but cheaper than the bay Madison WI has a thriving gaming community and lots of smart people

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