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Getting A Therapist

Several people have emailed me asking for advice finding a therapist, and I worry I haven’t been much help. One of the advantages of being a psychiatrist is not having to worry about finding a psychiatrist. I know a few … Continue reading

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Weak Men Are Superweapons

I. There was an argument on Tumblr which, like so many arguments on Tumblr, was terrible. I will rephrase it just a little to make a point. Alice said something along the lines of “I hate people who frivolously diagnose … Continue reading

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Infinite Debt

I. A patient of mine is getting to that age where she can’t support herself independently. She’s not a big fan of nursing homes, and I don’t blame her. She wants her son to take care of her. Her son … Continue reading

Vote On Values, Outsource Beliefs

I. Today I learned about social impact bonds. They are a thing that exists. I would expect them to be in an adequate civilization like Raikoth or dath ilan. But they are a thing that exists on Earth. The basic … Continue reading

Not Even A Real Links Post, Just A Blatant Ad

[EDIT: This is over now. Donating now will be totally useless aside from helping make the world a better place.] There’s a charity thing going on today where whoever gets the most unique donors of $10 or more by midnight … Continue reading

Evening Doc

It’s nine o’clock on a Wednesday The regular crowd shuffles in There’s an old man lying next to me Spewing vomit all over his chin He says, “Doc, can you give me a medicine? The name ought to be on … Continue reading

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Not Even A Real Links Post, Just A Link

My post on utopian science was a little bit hasty and poorly thought out, but it did motivate Robin Hanson to further explain some of his own ideas on academic prediction markets, so I’m counting it as a victory.

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Emotionally Valent Links Post

Excitement Zipfian Academy is like App Academy, except for data science instead of programming. If for some reason my medical career collapses, I’m doing this. If not for the price tag and impossibility of getting that much time off, I’d … Continue reading

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Causal Models At Work

[Epistemic status: loosely based on a true story] AIDS Specialist: You know, people think AIDS is a death sentence. But how long do you think the average person lives after getting HIV? Me: I don’t know. AIDS Specialist: Thirty years! … Continue reading

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Utopian Science

I. Pre-emptive plagiarism is the worst. I was all set to write about how I thought the problems I brought up in The Control Group Is Out Of Control could be addressed. Then Josh Haas wrote A Modest Proposal To … Continue reading