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If The Media Reported On Other Dangers Like It Does AI Risk

[Not actually inspired by Robert Wiblin’s recent Facebook post on this same topic, but I acknowledge the coincidence. The media has actually done a much better job than I expected here and deserves some credit, but I will snark anyway.] … Continue reading

Fifty Swifties

[see: Wikipedia: Tom Swifties and Tom Swifties Written By An Author Willing To Go To Any Lengths To Make A Tom Swifty Thus Resulting In Constructions That Often Require More Work For Readers Than For The Author. All of the … Continue reading

Causal Models At Work

[Epistemic status: loosely based on a true story] AIDS Specialist: You know, people think AIDS is a death sentence. But how long do you think the average person lives after getting HIV? Me: I don’t know. AIDS Specialist: Thirty years! … Continue reading

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Metaphors Be With You

People link to this list of 27 funny metaphors all the time. But that’s been around for years, and no one has ever tried to expand it. The only other effort I’ve seen to collect good rhetorical language has been … Continue reading

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The Character’s Complaint

I’ve wiped off the blood and I’ve cleaned up the rubble And most of the burn marks have faded to pink I’ve finally started to save up some cash After paying the surgeon, the doc, and the shrink The neighbors … Continue reading

Fix Science In Half An Hour

You’ve probably heard about the crisis of replication in psychology. The problem is that replication is an unglamorous business; researchers would much rather do the sexier work of pushing forward knowledge with new results. So we need to make replications … Continue reading

Effects Of Vertical Acceleration On Wrongness

Whenever someone sneers “Evidence-based medicine? You wouldn’t demand a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial of PARACHUTES, would you?” I feel a strong urge to use them as the control group in my double-blind parachute experiment. Of course, deep down inside I … Continue reading

More Search Terms That Have Led People To This Blog

[Trigger warning: profanity, slurs, incest, rape jokes, racism, and other unfiltered access to the consciousness of the Internet] The Anti-Reactionary FAQ is by far the most popular entry on this blog, with a total of 28,000 page views. Many of … Continue reading

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More Fictional Drugs Banned By The FDA

See the original: List Of Fictional Drugs Banned By The FDA ADIPOBARIN PROFILE: Popular weight loss drug proven to work in clinical studies. Patients lose 10 – 20% of their body weight in two months with no side effects. BANNED … Continue reading

List of Fictional Drugs Banned By The FDA

PROTOZOSIN: PROFILE: Alpha blocker notably effective against Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder BANNED BECAUSE: Banned on request of DARPA, who are trying to use epidemiology of Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder to predict the course of future conflicts. Lobbying to overturn ban by “Future … Continue reading

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