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Map Of Effective Altruism

In the spirit of my old map of the rationalist diaspora, here’s a map of effective altruism: Thumbail – click to expand Continents are cause areas; cities are charities or organizations; mountains are individuals. Some things are clickable links with … Continue reading

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Sentimental Cartography

A long time ago, I made a map of the rationalist community. This is in the same geographic-map-of-something-non-geographic tradition as the Greater Ribbonfarm Cultural Region or xkcd’s map of the Internet. There’s even some sort of therapy program that seems … Continue reading

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Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map

I was recently looking through some old concept-maps of communities, like Julia’s Map of Bay Area Memespace, Scharlach’s Dark Enlightenment Roadmap and especially xkcd’s map of the Internet. And I thought we should have something like that for the rationalist … Continue reading

My Thoughts On The First 40 Pages Of Alastair MacIntyre’s “After Virtue”, Expressed In The Form Of A Slightly Modified XKCD Comic