9 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The First 40 Pages Of Alastair MacIntyre’s “After Virtue”, Expressed In The Form Of A Slightly Modified XKCD Comic

  1. Oligopsony

    I also look forward to the full review. It looks like it might be a less mindkilly (but still fun) opportunity to discuss a lot of the ideas orbiting around Reaction.

    (Actually I suppose the other optimistic interpretation is that it serves as an excuse to discuss all the fun mindkilly stuff at once. Reaction! Marx! Aristotle-by-which-I-mean-Jesus!)

    1. Scott Alexander Post author

      I actually did include an alt tag. It said “Fortunately, the ontology one has been solved now that we’ve all standardized on materialist reductionism. Or was it computational idealism? Shit.”

      Apparently it didn’t work.

      EDIT: Fixed.

  2. Chris Hallquist

    It seems like this result generalizes for philosophy as a whole. Especially amateur philosophers who’ve never had the exquisite experience of slogging through a discussion in a graduate-level seminar that’s not going anywhere. But as the example of MacIntyre shows, this can afflict famous professional philosophers too.

    1. Oligopsony

      To some extent. But with MacIntyre in particular he’s not just saying he’s come up with this great new theory about x, it’s that he thinks that the existing pluralism about x is itself a shocking sign of cultural malaise.

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