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OT14: Tragedy Of The Comments

This is the semimonthly open thread. Post about anything you want, ask random questions, whatever. Also: 1. Please do not email me anything that could be posted as a blog comment. Some people say they are emailing me their comments … Continue reading

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The Efficacy Of Everything In Psychiatry In One Graph Plus Several Pages Of Dense But Necessary Explanation

Shamelessly stolen from my hospital’s Journal Club: Huhn et al (2014) graph the Efficacy Of Pharmacotherapy And Psychotherapy For Adult Psychiatric Disorders, and it looks like this: Before anything else – we kind of have to assume that in each … Continue reading

Everything Not Obligatory Is Forbidden

[seen on the New York Times’ editorial page, February 6 2065, written by one “Dr. Mora LeQuivalence”] It’s 2065. Not giving your kids super-enhancement designer baby gene therapy isn’t your “choice”. If you don’t super-enhance your kids, you are a … Continue reading

Links 2/15: Linkconceivable!

When shoddy engineering caused a bridge to collapse in Quebec, Canada decided it needed to impress its engineering students with the sanctity of their duty. Their solution: call Rudyard Kipling to design a Ritual Of The Calling Of An Engineer. … Continue reading

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Practically-A-Book Review: Dying To Be Free

I am the last person with a right to complain about Internet articles being too long. But if I did have that right, I think I would exercise it on Dying To Be Free, the Huffington Post’s 20,000-word article on … Continue reading

Talents Part 2: Attitude vs. Altitude

[Content note: scrupulosity and self-esteem triggers, IQ. Potentially not good for growth mindset.] I. The average eminent theoretical physicist has an IQ of 150-160. The average NBA player has a height of 6’7. Both of these are a little over … Continue reading

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