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Postmarketing Surveillance Is Good And Normal

I. Scientific American notes a recent study saying that a third of drugs approved by the FDA over the past ten years have since been recalled, been given new boxed warnings, or been given new “safety communications”. A few people … Continue reading

Anorexia And Metabolic Set Point

[Content warning: fat, anorexia, dieting] [Epistemic status: crazy speculation from someone who isn’t an expert in the field. Please don’t take too seriously.] Some anorexics I talk to describe their condition as falling into two phases. In Phase 1, they’re … Continue reading

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SSC Journal Club: Childhood Trauma And Cognition

This month’s American Journal of Psychiatry includes Danese et al, Origins Of Cognitive Deficits In Victimized Children. Previous studies had found that abused children had lower IQ. They concluded that the severe stress of being abused must decrease brain function. … Continue reading

The Case Of The Suffocating Woman

[Content warning: panic, suffocation] I. I recently presented this case at a conference and I figured you guys might want to hear it too. Various details have been obfuscated or changed around to protect confidentiality of the people involved. A … Continue reading

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Antidepressant Pharmacogenomics: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

[Epistemic status: very uncertain. Not to be taken as medical advice. Talk to your doctor before deciding whether or not to get any tests.] I. There are many antidepressants in common use. With a few exceptions, none are globally better … Continue reading

Book Review: Mount Misery

[Content warning: psychiatric abuse (especially around borderline personality), rape, spoilers for Mount Misery] I. Last month I reviewed Samuel Shem’s House of God. The sequel, Mount Misery, is about his time training in psychiatry. This is obviously relevant to my … Continue reading

SSC Journal Club: Mental Disorders As Networks

I. Suppose you have sniffles, fatigue, muscle aches, and headache. You go to the doctor, who diagnoses you with influenza and gives you some Tamiflu. There’s some complicated statistics going on here. Your doctor has noticed some observable variables (sniffles, … Continue reading

The Alzheimer Photo

A professor recently brought my attention to this photo of Alois Alzheimer and his colleagues in Munich (source): Alzheimer is the very-German-looking guy with the silly mustache third from the right on the top. Far right is Friedrich Lewy, discoverer … Continue reading

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Somewhat Against Psychiatric Conditions As Domestication Failure

[Epistemic status: Not sure if I’m arguing against a straw man here and my conclusion is what the researchers meant all along.] I. Benitez-Burraco and Lattanzi theorize that autism and schizophrenia are anomalies in the human self-domestication process. I’ll try … Continue reading

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Tolerance Troubles

[Not meant as a claim that science doesn’t know something. More of an admission that I don’t know some things, and a hope to be informed about them by someone who does.] Everyone knows about tolerance. The first time you … Continue reading

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