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Raikoth: Laws, Language, and Society

I don’t believe society is perfect the way it is, I’m just a small-c conservative who’s cautious of changing things. We’ve never tried a complex globalized urban Information Age society with communist/libertarian/reactionary policies, and if you accidentally bring down civilization … Continue reading


The statement “Mozart’s music is better than Beethoven’s” is usually considered a subjective opinion. But this statement has the same form as “Mozart’s music is better than the music of the three-year old girl who lives upstairs from me and … Continue reading

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Selection bias and atheist stereotypes

Have people considered before that the stereotype of the loud angry atheist may be entirely a result of selection bias? Consider the average person’s experience with religious people. You see religious people going to church. You notice them wearing necklaces … Continue reading

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If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing With Made-Up Statistics

I do not believe that the utility weights I worked on last week – the ones that say living in North Korea is 37% as good as living in the First World – are objectively correct or correspond to any … Continue reading