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Newtonian Ethics

We often refer to morality as being a force; for example, some charity is “a force for good” or some argument “has great moral force”. But which force is it? Consider the possibility that it is gravity. In statements like … Continue reading

Links For May

One of the points I bring up in my Non-Libertarian FAQ is how difficult a problem it is to get trustworthy ratings of the trustworthiness of businesses from “self-regulation” type groups. People sometimes bring up the Better Business Bureau as … Continue reading

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Overheard In The Box, Part II

Mike: I think the last time I had this discussion, I decided to ground morality with waffles. Alicorn: What? Mike: I was in an IHOP with my friend from college, and we were talking about meta-ethics, and we couldn’t reach … Continue reading

Index: Posts on Raikoth

The following are my posts on this blog about my constructed society of Raikoth: 1. Laws, Language, Society 2. Corruption, Priesthood 3. Cities, Land 4. Symbolic Beads 5. Economics, Relationships 6. History, Religion 7. Science Related: Five Thousand Years In … Continue reading

Raikoth: History, Religion

Index: Posts on Raikoth Imagine the following world. It’s Imperial Rome. Nero has just gotten pissed at Seneca, but instead of killing him, he orders him into exile. The other Stoics are getting kind of wary at this whole “insane … Continue reading

Raikoth: Economics, Relationships

Someone in one of the comments asked whether I am actually pushing Raikoth as a perfect society, and the answer is sorta. My con-culturing philosophy is trying to optimize for goodness while erring on the side of weirdness. This stands … Continue reading

Overheard in the Box

Davis: I used to think that secrets were like evil twins – something it was possible in theory to have, but nobody actually had one. In my sophomore year of college, one of my friends asked “Want to hear a … Continue reading

Raikoth: Symbolic Beads

In the comments to yesterday’s conworlding post, Nate asked: I would expect that wealthier people would buy larger yurts to show off their wealth, and then those would get gradually less movable until they’re basically living in houses. Since this … Continue reading

Raikoth: Cities, Land

(continuing to talk about my conculture) Like all interesting people, Raikolin live in yurts. The logistics are not too complicated. Land is sold or rented in the form of “campsites”, with spaces for yurts and hookups for plumbing and electricity. … Continue reading

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Raikoth: Corruption, Priesthood

Some of the comments to my last post required essay-length responses, plus I will keep talking about my conworld until somebody shuts me up. This one is in response to Nemryn on corruption. Third Eyes are little lifelogging cameras provided … Continue reading