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The Alzheimer Photo

A professor recently brought my attention to this photo of Alois Alzheimer and his colleagues in Munich (source): Alzheimer is the very-German-looking guy with the silly mustache third from the right on the top. Far right is Friedrich Lewy, discoverer … Continue reading

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Somewhat Against Psychiatric Conditions As Domestication Failure

[Epistemic status: Not sure if I’m arguing against a straw man here and my conclusion is what the researchers meant all along.] I. Benitez-Burraco and Lattanzi theorize that autism and schizophrenia are anomalies in the human self-domestication process. I’ll try … Continue reading

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Tolerance Troubles

[Not meant as a claim that science doesn’t know something. More of an admission that I don’t know some things, and a hope to be informed about them by someone who does.] Everyone knows about tolerance. The first time you … Continue reading

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Book Review: PiHKaL

I. PiHKAL (“Phenylethylamines I Have Known And Loved”), subtitled “A Chemical Love Story”, is the autobiography of Alexander and Ann Shulgin. Alexander Shulgin was a chemist who invented lots of new psychedelic drugs. Ann was his wife. Together they discuss … Continue reading


Related: 1/4, 2/4 [Content warning: psychiatry, suicide. Note that all stories involving patients are mixtures of several different people which have been obfuscated and changed around in order to protect confidentiality. The ethical standard I have heard in this situation … Continue reading

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Book Review: Unlearn Your Pain

[Content warning: discussion of chronic pain and related conditions, and the debate over whether some of them may be psychological in origin. None of this is medical advice or a recommendation to start or stop any form of therapy. Low … Continue reading

Ketamine Research In A New Light

[Preliminary drawing of very far-out conclusions from research that hasn’t even been 100% confirmed yet] A few weeks ago, Nature published a bombshell study showing that ketamine’s antidepressant effects were actually caused by a metabolite, 2S,6S;2R,6R-hydroxynorketamine (don’t worry about the … Continue reading

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Book Review: My Brother Ron

[Content warning: mental illness, forced institutionalization, anorexia. As always all patient anecdotes are obfuscated composites of multiple cases with all the details changed in order to protect people’s privacy] I. After I wrote about Prison And Mental Illness, a reader … Continue reading

Reverse Voxsplaining: Prison and Mental Illness

I. German Lopez of Vox writes that “America’s criminal justice system has in many ways become a substitute for the US’ largely gutted mental health system”. He says that starting in the 1970s the US “began locking up a lot … Continue reading

Two Attitudes In Psychiatry

Attitude 1 says that patients know what they want but not necessarily how to get it, and psychiatrists are there to advise them. So a patient might say “I want to stop being depressed”, and their psychiatrist might recommend them … Continue reading

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