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Fermat’s Last Stand: Soundtrack and Adventure Log

Two years ago an impromptu role-playing group put on a very successful Dungeons and Discourse adventure, complete with several musical numbers. Last week, we completed our first sequel to that adventure, Fermat’s Last Stand. Below is the log and twelve … Continue reading

RPG emergency!

[EDIT: Solved, no need for more people to volunteer.] Much like the deity she represents, the Apologist in our Dungeons and Discourse game has abandoned us in our hour of need, leaving us hopeless and confused. Much like modern society, … Continue reading

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Fermat’s Last Stand Coordination Thread

All right, let’s make this happen. I would like to start a new Dungeons & Discourse campaign. If you’re totally confused, see here for the rulebook and here for the last campaign log. As you might be able to tell, … Continue reading