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Fermat’s Last Stand: Soundtrack and Adventure Log

Two years ago an impromptu role-playing group put on a very successful Dungeons and Discourse adventure, complete with several musical numbers. Last week, we completed our first sequel to that adventure, Fermat’s Last Stand. Below is the log and twelve … Continue reading

Fermat’s Last Stand Coordination Thread

All right, let’s make this happen. I would like to start a new Dungeons & Discourse campaign. If you’re totally confused, see here for the rulebook and here for the last campaign log. As you might be able to tell, … Continue reading

I liked Lovecraft countless primaeval aeons before it was cool

A couple days ago, some friends of mine who name-drop Cthulhu all the time admitted they had never actually read any Lovecraft. Further investigation revealed this was actually a common thread among loads of people who play Call of Cthulhu … Continue reading