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Another Followup To “Economists On Education”

Last month I argued that a news article misrepresented the feelings of economists on school vouchers. I got a bit of pushback from people who thought I had just misread it, and that it wasn’t deceptive at all (1, 2, … Continue reading

Addendum To “Economists On Education”

A couple of people have challenged my essay yesterday, saying that they didn’t find the article misleading (or that it was only very slightly misleading). They argue that it pointed out that economists were overwhelmingly in favor of ride-sharing arguments … Continue reading

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Contra NYT On Economists On Education

[epistemic status: still having a hard time believing I am right about this, but have double-checked. Tell me if I’m missing something. Correction: I previously left the word “Generally” out of the title by accident. I have slightly softened a … Continue reading

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Drug Testing Welfare Users Is A Sham, But Not For The Reasons You Think

Some people say the War on Drugs is ‘unwinnable’. But there’s actually a foolproof solution that cures drug addiction approximately 100% of the time. That solution is – put people on welfare in Tennessee. Or at least that is what … Continue reading