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Do Life Hacks Ever Reach Fixation?

In Searching For One-Sided Tradeoffs, I argued that people’s “life hacks” probably occupy a restricted range. If the life hack had nothing going for it, it would never become popular and you wouldn’t hear about it. If the hack had … Continue reading

Can You Condition Yourself?

A friend recently told me about a self-help tactic that has become popular in the circles I move in: the idea of applying behaviorism to yourself (sometimes called “training your inner pigeon”). The idea is you give yourself rewards when … Continue reading

People! It turns out capitalism is actually a thing!

Reddit is caught in a Nietzschean cycle of eternal recurrence where everyone asks the same questions every few weeks, and one of the common ones is “What is the best purchase you ever made?” The top answer is always “Amazon … Continue reading