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Preregistration Of Investigations For The 2019 SSC Survey

This post is about the 2019 SSC Survey. If you’ve read at least one blog post here before, please take the survey if you haven’t already. Please don’t read on until you’ve taken it, since this post could bias your … Continue reading

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Bay Area SSC Meetup 1/6

Join me at 3:30 PM on Sunday, 1/6 for the traditional once-every-three-months big SSC Bay Area meetup. Meet on the Berkeley campus at the open space beside the intersection of West Circle and Free Speech Bikeway at 3045 Shattuck Avenue, … Continue reading

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Open Thread 118.25

This is the twice-weekly hidden open thread. You can also talk at the SSC subreddit or the SSC Discord server.

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What Happened To 90s Environmentalism?

0. Introduction I grew up in the 90s, which meant watching movies about plucky children fighting Pollution Demons. Sometimes teachers would show them to us in class. None of us found that strange. We knew that when we grew up, … Continue reading

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