Bay Area SSC Meetup 1/6

Join me at 3:30 PM on Sunday, 1/6 for the traditional once-every-three-months big SSC Bay Area meetup. Meet on the Berkeley campus at the open space beside the intersection of West Circle and Free Speech Bikeway at 3045 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, where we will be indoors and safe from the rain.

Special guest Professor Stephen Hsu, who among his other accomplishments is a scientific advisor to the Beijing Genomics Institute and a founder of Genomic Prediction, Inc. Come discuss embryo sequencing with him, and congratulate him on his recent demotion to second-craziest Chinese-affiliated mad scientist working on embryo genetics.

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9 Responses to Bay Area SSC Meetup 1/6

  1. Plumber says:

    Ever any plans to have a Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco meet up between 7AM and 4:30PM Monday to Friday?

    (It’s easier for me to get away from the job than from the family).

    • Scott Alexander says:

      I think your preference is rare enough that it’s pretty unlikely I’ll ever do that, sorry.

  2. RavenclawPrefect says:

    What sort of timing is reasonable to expect here? Are there frequently post-meetup activities? I’m in the convenient position of scheduling fights that would be very easy to route through Oakland on Sunday afternoon without much extra cost, but I don’t know what kind of length of layover I should be aiming for here. (The marginal time spent back at my destination is way lower-value than potential time spent doing something cool in the Bay Area for me, since I’m not often around there, so I’m fine targeting the 90th percentile for possible meetup duration.)

    • mingyuan says:

      The meetup proper usually goes on for at least four hours. I don’t know of post-meetup activities; I assume that would mostly happen if you really hit it off with a few people and want to go to dinner together. Given the travel time from OAK I’d give yourself a full hour before and after the meetup to get to and from the airport, to be safe.

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  4. Liface says:

    Forecast looks like rain. Any indoor venues in the area?