SSC Meetup: Chicago 7/2

I’ll be in Chicago this weekend along with Katja Grace of AI Impacts.

If you want to hang out, let’s meet at the Starbucks on 200 S Michigan Ave (right near the Art Institute) at 5:00 PM Sunday 7/2.

12 thoughts on “SSC Meetup: Chicago 7/2

  1. singular13

    I was busy at 5pm but I can drop by in about half an hour if people are still around. On my way shortly.

  2. Forge the Sky

    Here w the yellow backpack, so if anyone sees me before I have to go say hi!

  3. Forge the Sky

    Man, literally have to walk past there to catch a 6:00 train at Union station. Could maybe say hi for like 10 mins…

  4. marshwiggle

    For me it’s that I’m sick enough to make a meetup unwise for me as well as possibly unkind for the other people attending. I’d love to have come otherwise.

  5. Sniffnoy

    Geez, I go take trips to Chicago both the past two weekends, and instead this happens this Sunday…

    1. teageegeepea

      For me it’s the reverse: this is the one weekend I’ve committed to taking a trip away from Chicago!

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