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A Something Sort Of Like Left-Libertarianism-ist Manifesto

I. “Forgive him , for he believes that the customs of his tribe are the laws of nature.” –George Bernard Shaw Our tribe has a custom of dividing into Right and Left. The Right supports economic laissez-faire and traditional social … Continue reading

The Logician And The God-Emperor

Once upon a time a logician accomplished a great deed, and the God-Emperor offered him a choice of rewards. “You may,” said the God-Emperor “have the hand of my eldest daughter, who is the heir to the throne, yet plain … Continue reading

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More Fictional Drugs Banned By The FDA

See the original: List Of Fictional Drugs Banned By The FDA ADIPOBARIN PROFILE: Popular weight loss drug proven to work in clinical studies. Patients lose 10 – 20% of their body weight in two months with no side effects. BANNED … Continue reading

Links for December

One of the most robust and interesting findings in education research has been that whether you have a good or bad teacher matters. A lot. Now a new study finds that it matters not just for your test scores, but … Continue reading

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Empire/Forest Fire

So apparently the way to win a certain measure of internet celebrity is to write a seventy-five page document full of graphs and citations criticizing an extremely fringe political philosophy nearly nobody has ever heard of. Huh. I have updated … Continue reading