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Papal PR

Congratulations are due to the Pope for being Time’s Person of the Year. I would have voted for Snowden, but the Pope is a perfectly respectable choice. At least he’s an individual human being and not a vague demographic or … Continue reading

Pope and Change: An Atheist’s Guide To Vatican Decision 2013

Pope Benedict XVI is resigning today, an event which will be closely followed by a conclave to determine his successor. I have inexplicably been following this with some interest. Several news sources both secular and religious have tried to provide … Continue reading

You cannot serve both God and Mammon, but you can serve Mammon by predicting who will serve God

The good news is that there are some opportunities to make a couple bucks arbitraging papal candidates on InTrade. The bad news is that if you try this, you will be arrested, then damned to eternal hellfire. The arrests will … Continue reading