Introducing Astral Codex Ten

Thanks for bearing with me the past few months. My new blog is at I’ll try to have a less unwieldy domain name working soon.

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12 Responses to Introducing Astral Codex Ten

  1. jstr says:


    Excellent! 🙂

  2. andrewflicker says:

    Hip hip hooray. Glad to see you back, Scott.

  3. cwillu says:

    And there was much rejoicing. Seriously, _so_ much rejoicing. Hurrah, huzzah, hip hip, \o/ \o/ \o/, and and even a ! or two!

  4. Andune says:

    Oh come on 2021, now you’re just showing of… Welcome back!

  5. Chrysophylax says:

    Welcome back, Scott! I’m very glad to have you back. I missed you!

  6. AppetSci says:

    That is fantastic news Scott. Well done! Glad to have your thoughts back in my life.

  7. LupoCani says:

    Question – now that the matter of the blog’s future looks largely settled, will this website have its full color scheme reinstated, for archival purposes?

  8. AZpie says:

    Glad to have you back. Looking forward to further posts. Will not subscribe for monthly payments – I believe you’ll do well enough better than I do even without.

  9. simon.thompson27 says:

    yes – time to begin shifting the contents here – over to the new address. nice to see the old scenario of a reporter turning up to doorstep you suddenly requires an overhaul of the procedures which have calmly been running now for the best part of a decade. Nice one NYT …real journalism there. Do we feel a return of a ” learn to code” moment beginning ?? See you down at astral codex …