Bay Area SSC Meetup 6/2

Join me at 5 PM on Sunday, June 2, for the traditional once-every-three-months big SSC Bay Area meetup. For a change of pace, it’ll be in San Francisco this time around.

Meet on the grass near the tennis courts at Mission Dolores Park (near the 16th Street Mission BART station).

EDIT: Blue tarp near restrooms near Hancock Street

I understand this conflicts with some other rationalist community events, but there are events every weekend for the next month or so, and I don’t want to not have meetups. We’ll probably be at the park until at least 7 or so, so feel free to come late.

Lurkers/newbies/people-who-aren’t-sure-if-they’re-welcome-or-not are welcome!

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14 Responses to Bay Area SSC Meetup 6/2

  1. Deiseach says:

    Not relevant to the meet-up, it’s just that it always makes me smile when I see overtly religious names from San Francisco. So that one made me go “Our Lady of Sorrows?” and looking it up, yes, the original mission was dedicated to St Francis of Assisi but also locally known as “Mission Dolores” because of a nearby creek named for Our Lady of Sorrows.

    • vV_Vv says:

      All of California is like this. Seriously, capital city Sacramento and largest city Los Angeles?

  2. AG says:

    And by “grass near the tennis courts” you actually mean we’re all going to take a turn on that giant slide, right?

  3. Arcaseus says:

    Are only regulars invited, or are lurkers welcome? (long time lurker who recently moved to the Bay Area here)

    • Scott Alexander says:

      Lurkers welcome!

      • Arcaseus says:

        Thanks, I definitely will come

        • Aapje says:

          There are trees, so you can lurk behind them if you are shy.

          • whereamigoing says:

            Haha, now you made me imagine a “layered” conference room with one-directional mirrors and sound, so everyone can hear the regulars talk in the innermost part, while the lurkers only talk among themselves and gradually move up the layers.

  4. bmath says:

    So folks don’t get lost/misdirected, we should be more specific than “the grass near the tennis courts”. That’s a swath of area that’s almost as wide as a city block:

    Maybe a specific corner (e.g. SE)?

    • Scott Alexander says:

      I’m trying not to say anything I can’t stick to, because I haven’t scouted the park out yet and there might be pre-existing things going on in places. But how about a loose default location is where Hancock Street touches the park?

  5. elitistprick says:

    Will there be an easy way to identify the group, like a sign or something?

  6. Anyone interested in carpooling up from the South Bay?

  7. beleuze says:

    ah, I wish I had seen this before, totally would have come. Might as well throw this out there, if anyone lives in SF and is open to meeting internet strangers – reach me at dataviolence at