SSC Meetups: Berkeley, San Diego, Irvine

I’m in California for the next few weeks and want to catch up with people I know. I’ve got some meetups planned, but these are all preliminary, so check back there before the meetup to see if I’ve edited the time and date:

1. Unsong wrap party in Berkeley on Sunday, May 14, at 4:30, in the Cal Alumni Student Association. See here for more details.

2. SSC Berkeley Meetup on Tuesday, May 16th at 7PM at the 7th floor of 2030 Addison St. I am a little worried about space here, so be prepared for it to be cramped or us to have to relocate or something.

3. San Diego meetup on Monday, May 22nd, 7:30PM at Lestat’s Hillcrest coffee, 1041 University Ave. Psychiatrists in town for APA welcome!

4. Irvine meetup on Saturday, May 27th, 7PM at Peet’s Coffee at 4213 Campus Dr.

And if anyone’s at the American Psychiatric Association conference, say hi to me. I’ll be presenting a poster on patient ratings of antidepressants at Resident Poster Competition 3 at 10 AM Sunday, plus wandering around the rest of the week. I’ll probably be in a black hospital jacket with my real name (Scott ______) on it.

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9 Responses to SSC Meetups: Berkeley, San Diego, Irvine

  1. bean says:

    I should be able to make Irvine.

    • tjohnson314 says:

      I’ve been mostly a lurker here, but I’ll try to join in Irvine too.

    • John Schilling says:

      And now that I know for sure what continent I am going to be on, so shall I.

    • T3t says:

      I’m coming down from LA to OC that day, so hopefully my plans finish early enough that I can make it. I’ve also advertised the meetup to everybody in the LA meetup, so turnout should be decent.

      • Emerald says:

        Would you (or anyone else) be willing to drive me back from the meetup to a location in LA that has convenient public transportation running on late Saturday evenings? I’d like to come down from Pasadena, but I don’t have a car, and the last Orange County Line train going back to Union Station stops in Tustin at 6:35 pm.

        (Also, this is my first comment, after lurking for over a year and a half. Hi, everyone!)

  2. Reasoner says:

    Isn’t “Alumni Student Association” a bit of an oxymoron?

  3. nestorr says:

    “That is not dead which can eternal lie: the
    aestivation hypothesis for resolving Fermi’s

    (Sorry not on topic, but I thought folks would get a kick out of this paper)