SSC San Jose Meetup 11/4

What: SSC meetup
When: Friday 11/4, at 7 PM
Where: 3806 Williams Road, San Jose, CA
Why: Physicist/intelligence researcher Steve Hsu of Information Processing will be in the Bay Area and wants to get to meet some of you.
How: David Friedman is very nice and lets us use his house for things

I will unfortunately not be able to attend.

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24 Responses to SSC San Jose Meetup 11/4

  1. Edmund Nelson says:

    When is this expected to end?

  2. bakkot says:

    I expect I’ll be there, though possibly not right when it starts.

  3. Oliver Mayor says:

    Steve Hsu is coming! Aww, man, that sounds really exciting. I’m here on the east coast, but I’m trying to get my friend Alex to go. He just moved to San Jose, so this is perfect.

    Alex is being a scaredy cat because he only recently started reading SSC and learning about the rationalist community. I’m really trying to convince him to go and meet people and learn from all the cool/chill/geeky folks. We’ll see if I can convince him.

    • alexicon says:

      My friend Oliver from the east coast has been helping me get involved with the Bay Area’s Rationalist community as I am new here and looking for cool people. I’ll be there tomorrow but I hope Oliver’s right that most of you aren’t axe murderers.

      • Hardly any of us are axe murderers.

        • John Schilling says:

          Very selectively phrased, from the man who prefers swords for his recreational violence. Unfortunately I will probably not be able to attend.

        • Skivverus says:

          Well, this is America after all. I understand pistols are customary. Axes are more a Viking thing and thus more likely to be found in the Scandinavian enclaves. /facetious
          Not that I stand much on custom, or indeed that I’m anywhere near the west coast myself. Have fun over there?

    • Scott Alexander says:

      SSC meetups are pretty low on the rationalist community weirdness level scale.

    • Deiseach says:

      Tell your friend Alex, I can vouch that the rationalists are all very nice people (she said from the safe distance of five thousand miles away) šŸ™‚

  4. meyerkev says:

    If someone needs a ride from vaguely University and 101, I can go and abuse HOV lanes.

    Otherwise, I can’t get there at a decent hour without leaving work intolerably early. (And I’m not thrilled about driving to work in the first place).

  5. nelshoy says:

    Aww, I’m in school in SoCal and was thinking of driving up afte my test cycle ended today. Thanks for reminding me I have no sense of travel time in California. I thought it was six hours away, now Maps says 11?

    Have fun!

    • Maps says 5 hrs 27 minutes from Los Angeles to here. You don’t say where you are, but eleven can’t be right unless, perhaps, you are calculating in rush hour.

  6. sansos says:

    ill be coming, im a long time lurker so first time commenting.

  7. HedonicRegression says:

    Anyone heading up from Stanford? Can you give me ride?

  8. Scott Alexander says:

    So how did this go?

    • The house is still standing.

      At a rough guess, 35-40 guests. Much bread consumed.

    • SmoothTerrain says:

      I had a great time & stayed til about midnight.

      The main things I heard people talking about were genetics, science fiction, economics, and incentives. There was nearly no political talk as far as I could hear. I met a bunch of people who read the same blogs and science fiction authors as me, which has never happened before!

      My personal best moment was that people were positive about celebrating Iain (M) Banks’ birthday this February 16th, similar to the way Robert Burns is commemorated at Burns Suppers.