OT34: Subthreaddit

This is not the weekly open thread. There have been a lot of complaints about open threads becoming unwieldy and a lot of requests for a more continuous and fluid system that could handle them. That system is the subreddit, it just needs more people using it. To that end, I am banning comments on this open thread and encouraging you to take them to the subreddit open thread here. You will have to register for a Reddit account if you don’t have one already, but that takes literally a few seconds and you don’t even need a real email.

This will not be permanent, and I’ll continue having normal open threads here after this. It’s just to advertise the existence of the subreddit and force people over the trivial inconvenience of getting an account.

Oh, and a new SSC rule – there is a three-day wait time before politicizing any tragedy. If you want to discuss the political implications of a tragedy, please wait at least three days. I’ll try to keep this rule too.

Click here for the subreddit open thread

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