36 thoughts on “Michigan Meetup 4/14

  1. Paul Torek

    That was great! thepenforests, I’m glad you could make it. Pietro, thanks for providing those appetizers. Scott Aaronson, thanks for explaining your arrow of time stuff so that even I could (mostly) understand it.

    1. NuclearFantasies

      Had a fantastic time! Sadly I didn’t end up talking to Scott Aaronson at all, but definitely enjoyed casually conversing with individuals admittedly far more educated than I am. Hope to see some of you again soon. Also, thanks for the appetizers Pietro, they were fantastic.

    2. thepenforests

      I had a fantastic time as well! So glad I came. Many thanks to Larry Kestenbaum for meeting me early, Scott Aaronson for letting me pick his brain, and everyone in general for being so welcoming! Lot’s of interesting conversations all around. Don’t know if I’ll make a habit of attending these meetups, but if any of you are in Toronto in the future and want to meet up/need a place to crash, feel free to drop me a line.

  2. thepenforests

    For what it’s worth, I’m just going to be kicking around Ann Arbor later this afternoon/this evening before the meetup. So if anyone is bored and wants to get together to hang out pre-meetup, I’d be down.

  3. SFG

    I’d half a mind to show up and pretend to be a feminist protestor, but the poor guy’s been through too much.

    1. ilzolende

      I attend feminist club meetings and have gone to a political rally ;). However, it was for a local water-conservation measure and I mostly went because it was near my house and my friends were there. Also, I can’t go to Michigan for a rationalist meetup.

  4. A person

    If I want to make the 3 and a half hour drive from Chicago, does anyone have a couch I can sleep on, so I can drive back the next morning?

    1. Mark

      I’m also considering a drive from Chicago and might be up for splitting gas and/or a hotel room and/or taking someone up on a bed/couch/floor offer.

      1. Mark

        Confirmed, 3-5 people from Chicago via rental car. Party on.

        (“A person” – we’re leaving at 2:30 from Union Station and planning on being back by 10am-ish the next day. There’s two seats still available but they might go fast. You could get in touch with me using the form at the bottom of this page if you’re interested in riding with us.


    1. CAE_Jones

      Come well and eat hearty,
      at this rational party,
      At Pizza House on Tuesday.
      The doctor,
      the instructor,
      and the comic constructor,
      All are named Scott A!

  5. Shmi Nux

    This is one of those rare occasions where I regret not living in Michigan or some place close. 🙁

  6. NuclearFantasies

    Although this is my first post, I happen to live in Ann Arbor. I’ll try to make it if I can.

    1. thepenforests

      Agreed. I sometimes wonder how crazy it would be to make a trip to Michigan for the sole purpose of going to an SSC meetup. It’s not even that far from Toronto, really. But I don’t know what I would say to my friends and family. “So like, there’s this blogger that I hero-worship…”

      1. Decius

        I seriously considered crossing time zones for the HPMOR wrap party. You are in equally crazy company, for what that’s worth.

        1. Dinaroozie

          As someone living in Australia, I echo your sentiments. If I’m ever in America when one of these meetups is taking place, you’d better believe I’ll be making plans.

        1. thepenforests

          I’m actually seriously considering going at this point. The lure of two Scott A’s is almost too much to resist. Plus, this seems exactly like one of those “step outside your comfort zone” things that I always say I should do.

          Questions for anyone in the area:

          1. Is there a relatively straightforward way to get from Detroit to Ann Arbour? (bus or whatever?) It looks like Toronto to Detroit is easy.

          2. Would anyone be willing to host a poor grad student on their couch/floor for a night? I don’t snore or sleepwalk or anything.

          1. DES3264

            I live in Ann Arbor (about 2.5 miles from Pizza House) and have spare bedrooms available. (Specifically, one room with a fold out couch and one room with two twin beds.)

            There wouldn’t be a lot of social opportunity — I’ll go to bed not too long after I get home, and I will be leaving by 8 AM or so in the morning. I have a wife and a 3 year old daughter; the 3 year old will be asleep by time we got here and we’ll all be leaving early in the morning.

            The house is also covered in cat fur — not recommended for those with allergies.

            For more details, email (ROT13) fcrlreqnivq@tznvy.pbz

          2. Scott Alexander Post author

            I would usually be up to host you, but my house was recently flooded and Arundelo is hosting *me*. Next time, though.

          3. Sniffnoy

            Regarding buses, I think the only bus (excluding one that won’t be helpful here) is Greyhound. So, if you are looking specifically for a bus, don’t waste your time looking for some other bus! (Unless I am wrong about this?)

            (Megabus doesn’t go between Ann Arbor and Detroit, despite stopping at both. Michigan Flyer goes between Ann Arbor and the Detroit airport, but the Detroit airport is not Detroit — unless you have some other way of getting to the airport first, of course. And the University of Michigan has a bus, the Detroit Center Connector, that goes between Ann Arbor and Detroit, but it’s only on weekends, is at inconvenient times, and is only for people affiliated with the university.)

          4. Aaron Brown

            If anyone still needs to crash for the night, the futon in my living room is free. (I am arundelo.) My email address is a hotmail.com one, the first part of which is “arundelo“.

          5. thepenforests

            Looks like I’ll be there! The greyhound schedule is pretty inconvenient though, I have to arrive in the morning and I’ll probably just want to sleep at that point, so I ended up booking a hotel room. Thank you all so much for the kind offers, though.

            I’m looking forward to it very much. Can’t wait to meet you all!

          6. Paul Torek

            Hi thepenforests,
            I could give you a ride from Detroit to Ann Arbor on Tuesday if you plan to be available in Detroit (or Detroit airport?) sometime within approximately 4:15-5:30 pm. I work near Detroit and live in Ann Arbor. Call me at (ROT5) 289-232-3054 if this sounds good. Leave a message and I’ll get it at lunch or at end of work-day, since there’s no cell service in my workplace.

          7. thepenforests

            Paul Torek: thanks for the offer! It turns out I can just take the greyhound directly to Ann Arbor, which keeps things nice and simple (my main priority for a trip like this). I really appreciate the generosity though.

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