Michigan Meetup 11/9

There will be a Michigan rationalist/LW/SSC meetup at my house, halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor, on Sunday, November 9th at 2 PM. You can find my address and directions here. If you’re reading this and interested in rationality and transhumanism, you’re invited.

I know some people in Ann Arbor were going to try to arrange transportation, so you can do that in the comments if you want.

[Unrelated PS: Ozy has a blog again and has politely volunteered to host all the race and gender open thread discussion I’m not allowing here.]

13 thoughts on “Michigan Meetup 11/9

  1. no one special

    Here, it says 2pm, but at the link it says 3pm. Which is it?

    LessWrong time appears to still be on DST/Summer time.

  2. DavidS

    How welcome/sensible would bringing a three year old be? We’ve had lots of success with bringing our daughter to adult social events — board game days, parties of the high-conversation low-music-and-drinking variety — and taking turns with one parent mostly doing adult socialization while the other mostly plays with her. But we know not everyone appreciates kids, so you can say if this is a bad plan.

    I still might show up solo if you say no — ever since you moved to MI I’ve been thinking “I should really meet this guy at some point”.

  3. Paul Torek

    I think I have about a 75% chance to be able to come. I’ll update as soon as I know. I will take up to four others from Ann Arbor if I do come.

  4. The Anonymouse

    You may want to post the Ozy notification in a separate post, because it is only by happenstance that I clicked on this post and saw it.

    (If the title says something about a Michigan meetup, people who aren’t in Michigan may very well not click through, thinking that a) they aren’t in Michigan and can’t go, and b) there’s a small likelihood of interesting non-meetup discussion in this thread.)

    Also: yay Ozyblog! I was pulling for the ‘Look on my twerks, ye mighty, and despair!’ title. 🙂

  5. Brian

    I’ve been thinking about buying some of those meal bars you disussed, and I just saw the banner for them on the right.

    However, I also saw the disclaimer that you have only formally investigated their claims regarding deliciousness.

    Any chance of a formal nutritional analysis soon? I am uncomfortable making decisions without Scott’s sage advice.

  6. no one special

    As this is finally scheduled on a free weekend, I shall endeavor to come.

    I hope that posting this will serve as a goad to push me past my laziness and anxiety. If I fail to show, everyone has my permission to call me lazy and/or avoidant.

  7. aretae

    I think you should do one of these on a weekday evening. Just in case there was someone working in Cleveland during the week who could come by for an evening, but not on a weekend.

    1. Scott Alexander Post author

      I’ll ask during the meeting how many people would like that, but I doubt it would be very popular.

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