Michigan Meetup 9/7

There will be a Michigan rationalist/LW/SSC meetup at my house, halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor, on Sunday, September 7th at 2 PM. You can find my address and directions here. If you’re reading this, you’re invited.

Topic will be “We Should Really Get Formal Topics For These Things One Of These Days”

Our special guest will be Miranda (Swimmer963 on LW), sometime CFAR coordinator and generally cool person.

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12 Responses to Michigan Meetup 9/7

  1. Sniffnoy says:

    Count me in, assuming someone is willing to give me a ride as before.

  2. Bro, ever attended my meetups? Every uni party. Scotty my man. Have a mate who lives in Waterloo doing clever things, really into rationalist/less wrong/clever clogs claptrap. He would love to drop in. Are you cool with relative strangers in your home? We both read your blog a great deal but don’t comment because we have busy, intensive lifestyles.
    Mad respect as always,
    Winny B
    P.S love your work

    • Scott Alexander says:

      You seem really weird, but I’ll be safely surrounded by lots of people I trust, so whatever, the more the merrier.

  3. no one special says:

    Despite earlier invitation, I cannot attend this one, as it is on a weekend that I have my kids.

    Maybe next time.

  4. an anonymous human says:

    Hello Scott this is irrelevant but is true and kind.
    I have a crush on you, would you like to know who I am or not?
    I am super dumb and you will not have a crush on me back, probably.

    • an anonymous human says:

      Also I am not actually coming to the meetup I just thought that this comment is gonna be less of a derail here than on a discussion about an actual thing.

    • Scott Alexander says:

      Ozy already told me, but thank you for telling me again! You are far away and I don’t really talk to people much, but I like you too.

  5. covaithe says:

    I’m planning to come. I’m posting this mostly so that I can say “I post as covaithe” instead of “I don’t actually post very much”.

  6. Paul Torek says:

    I was wrong about the fake vaccines – it seems to be a real vaccine, but only one out of three standard doses:

    In March health workers administered the vaccine in a poor neighbourhood on the edge of Abbottabad called Nawa Sher. The hepatitis B vaccine is usually given in three doses, the second a month after the first. But in April, instead of administering the second dose in Nawa Sher, the doctor returned to Abbottabad and moved the nurses on to Bilal Town, the suburb where Bin Laden lived.


    So, not quite as bad, but pretty damn bad.