[CORRECTION] Mountain View Meetup 3/4

[a previous version of this post said 3/3, but upon closer investigation it is more likely 3/4]

Speaking of one-sided tradeoffs, for the next two weeks I’ve traded Detroit for the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve already got plans to meet a few people. If you want to meet me and we haven’t already planned something, the easiest time would be the rationalist meetup on Tuesday 3/4 at 8 PM. The address is:

278 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041

(I am working on getting transportation from Richmond, so if any of you are driving from there let me know)

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2 Responses to [CORRECTION] Mountain View Meetup 3/4

  1. We will make heroic efforts to transport you if needed. You can email me tomorrow if you still haven’t found a ride.