Monthly Archives: February 2013

90% of all claims about the problems with medical studies are wrong

I have frequently heard people cite John Ioannidis’ apparent claim that “90% of medical research is false”. I think John Ioannidis is a brilliant person and I love his work and I think this statement points at a correct and … Continue reading

Google Correlate does not imply Google Causation

I need something sexy, something to lure new readers to this new blog and get them excited. So let’s talk about statistical correlations. No, wait, failed statistical correlations! Google Correlate is a nifty new Google product that takes data sets … Continue reading

You cannot serve both God and Mammon, but you can serve Mammon by predicting who will serve God

The good news is that there are some opportunities to make a couple bucks arbitraging papal candidates on InTrade. The bad news is that if you try this, you will be arrested, then damned to eternal hellfire. The arrests will … Continue reading

Abraham Lincoln, Necromancer

It is quite uncontroversial among historians that Lincoln attempted to summon the dead. The only remaining question is to what degree he succeeded, and to what extent it influenced history. The mid-1800s were the heyday of Spiritualism, a quasi-religious movement … Continue reading

Abraham Lincoln, Ape-Man

Away with LiveJournal, and in with a new, sleeker-looking blog. A classier blog. A more mature blog. A blog where we’re not afraid to ask the big questions. Questions like: did Abraham Lincoln sign a demonic pact with the ghost … Continue reading

You’re probably wondering why I’ve called you here today

Due to an oversight by the ancient Greeks, there is no Muse of blogging. Denied the ability to begin with a proper Invocation To The Muse, I will compensate with some relatively boring introductions. The name of this blog is … Continue reading