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Links 12/15: Ma’oz Tz-URL

In 2007, the Texas Legislature officially declared that the West Pole was in the town of Bee Cave, Texas. Vox: Hamilton’s Cabinet Battle #1 Explained. Using a silly song to investigate a tough question: how easy it is to map … Continue reading

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OT36: Nes Threadol Hayah Sham

This is the weekly open thread. Post about anything you want, ask random questions, whatever. Also: 1. Comments of the week are PSJ on college and timetraveler3_14 on sugar and obesity. 2. One of my posts has been placed on … Continue reading

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Product Recommendations 2015

It’s Christmas shopping season, and so time for the annual reminder that if you want to support this blog you can shop through my Amazon affiliate link (also on sidebar) and I’ll get ~5% of whatever you spend at no … Continue reading

Setting The Default

[Epistemic status: I predict everyone except me will respond to this with “Duuuuuuuuh”, but I found it changed some views of mine] I. I recently did couples therapy with two gay men who’d gotten married a year or so ago. … Continue reading