Search Terms That Have Led People To This Blog

slatte star codex
Sooooo close.

scott alexander silver slate codex
Gettttting colder.

based on your findings which theory about alien thickness seems most valid or most accurate
I’m going with this one

2013 issues with virtue ethics
Sorry, I only have about thirty or forty.

i do enjoy a good pun now and again

if doctor says i will be ok in the medium term how long will i live

siblings attracted to each other
Oh no, I write one article on genetic sexual attraction and…

my sis is so pretty

sweet sister so pretty

sister can you not so pretty

i’m all for the singularity, but what will normal people do with all the automation sucking up the jobs
No need to worry, my good man, you will have long since been dissected and turned into computronium.

expectations of my gender hindered my confidence and the choices i have made.
I’m…I’m so sorry.

during an investigation of a bridge collapse engineer b investigates another similar bridge and find it to be only marginally safe. talk about this
So there was this engineer, right? And during the investigation of a bridge collapse, she was investigating another, similar bridge. And…ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING.

attractive siblings more prone to incest?
Afaik Science has utterly failed to study this important question.

1930 beheadings valley canada
I really hope 1930 is the year here.

when you think you inject fear, you bring out our courage. when you think you disorient us, you give us direction. we you think you cause division, you cause unity
One day the strength of men will fail! But NOT THIS DAY!

the pun 6 p.m.
Sorry, I dinner have any good ideas.

she followed me around the internet its proved too

there is nothing you can do to a pornstar’s food in a restaurant to offend them

crab puns
I’m sorry, I haven’t a claw.

i always want to serve god truely but i cant why?
Oh no. Better sit down. You’re really not going to like this.

about 5 thousand years ago

now we’ve decided to smile

polyamorous have too much time on on their hands the making rules all the tim

i dont feel strongly female or male. what is my gender idenity, im a female
Hmmm. Just judging by what you’ve said above, I’m going to say you’re a female.

strong email thoughts

how much of the world population is gender indentity
Gender indentity is important to mark off your gender pargraphs.

inefficient public speaking
“So, guys! I’m here to tell you about…you know, I just thought you should know about that thing where…guys…the topic of my speech is how I…you know…”

what is your point virtue ethic

better than virtue ethics
I am glad giving Google this search term leads to my blog.

muslims causing noise on the plan 2013
I just wanted to scheme in peace, and then came all these Muslims, CAUSING NOISE ON THE PLAN.

gaudiam magnam. habemus mater

is it safe to use an e-cigarette as a sexual prop even for non smokers?

sylvia plath masturbating with her head in the oven
I am almost certain this is not anywhere on my blog.

go full fnargl
I’m glad I seem to have popularized this expression.

pornography bejctification objection
The beatification of pornographers is a terrible idea, and I join you in objecting to it.

charlie writes 1 to 3 pages per day for his biology research paper. over a 10-day period, what is a reasonable estimate of the number of pages he will write?

too much violence in the usa april
It is, indeed, the cruelest month

mao….lets just say they both have different style of singing because it will never end with this kind of argument. and from someone claiming to know something about vocals (you must in order for you to say that someone don’t)? shouldn’t you be able to distinguish that?

scott alexander, medicine hat

prohibition puns
Bad idea. When puns are outlawed, only outlaws will have puns.

all trans guys have tattoos

i’m a girl and having gender identity

how to attract sister
Aaaah! You AGAIN?!

too many graphs
I am so glad you found me.

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12 Responses to Search Terms That Have Led People To This Blog

  1. Avantika says:

    I am laughing very hard, and also lost to choose the scariest one of these. How did you collect this data?

    • Steve says:

      Most webservers log incoming http requests, which includes a “referer:” field; in a normal web client that records the referring URL, from which the link to the website was followed.

      Of course, if you were in a playful mood you could use cURL or a similar utility to fabricate humorous requests.

  2. Pleeppleep says:

    This IS my favorite blog. Ever.

  3. Firedrake says:

    “I am almost certain this is not anywhere on my blog.”

    It is now.

    I don’t have a sister to be attracted to. Can I borrow yours?

  4. Federico says:

    sylvia plath masturbating with her head in the oven


    Now I feel better about traffic from “sex acts between young kids”, and “mature female bondage”.

  5. Lu says:

    I still remember the first time I had gender identity with my sister, awkward though it was.

  6. Doug S. says:

    Prinny, dood!

  7. Jack says:


    “i always want to serve god truely but i cant why?”

    I’m rather confused what they’re trying to ask, but to me it sounds like “how do I give people holy communion”…? πŸ™‚

  8. ozymandias42 says:

    Oh yeah you get all the good ones and my blog is just the #1 source for people with remarkably specific questions about borderline personality disorder.

    I don’t even get confused porn-seekers anymore.

  9. Kaj Sotala says:

    Of the search terms that have led people to my site, my favorite is still “are my children old enough to learn about kaj sotala?”.

  10. Deiseach says:

    “attractive siblings more prone to incest?
    Afaik Science has utterly failed to study this important question.”

    That seems like it would be tailor-made for a study. After all, one might imagine that attractive siblings would be more appealing to their siblings, but then again, unattractive siblings might be more prone to engage in incest due to lack of choice.

    Give me a couple of hundred thousand to spend and I’ll take a stab at it myself πŸ˜‰

  11. nemryn says:

    I got 2013 issues with virtue ethics, but the critique of modern moral philosophy ain’t one.