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That means whenever you click on a link to an Amazon product off this site and buy it, I get a certain percent of the revenue (it does not cost you more). If you buy other things off Amazon soon afterwards, I get some of that money too.

I am not going to do that thing where I suddenly start writing lots of blog posts on how great Amazon’s new Kindle is with links liberally scattered throughout. But since I’ve been writing lots of book reviews anyway, I’ll just start putting links to the books on Amazon when I do it. Occasionally if I mention a book in another context I’ll link to Amazon there as well.

I am not going to affiliate-link to Amazon when talking about medical products (supplements, etc) because that is a huge ethical minefield. I did however edit all Amazon links to medical products from before late July 2014 to use my affiliate link, since I can’t exactly corrupt my behavior in the past.

You can get to Amazon through my affiliate link directly with this banner:

Here are the specific book reviews I’ve written so far:

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace (review)
After Virtue by Alasdair MacIntyre (review), (discussion), (more discussion)
The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt (highlights)
The Two Income Trap by Elizabeth Warren (review) (highlights)
Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini (discussion)
Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom (discussion)

And the Amazon links:

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16 Responses to Amazon

  1. Chuck says:

    I see no Amazon links.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had to turn off adblock on this page to see those links. I wanted to, since getting you money seems like a good thing, but the one extra step makes it less effective than if you included the plain link as well.

  3. zz says:

    Does affiliate stack with AmazonSmile? (ie. can I throw money both at you and CFAR in the same purchase?)

  4. Joy says:

    I’d like to make a ~$60 purchase off amazon Canada sometime within the next month of TCG-related stuff. Is there a quick and painless way for you to give affiliate-linked versions of those items so I could give you a pseudo-donation in exchange for the years of content you’ve posted? If relevant, the items are a Magic 2015 Fatpack, and 100 card sleeves.

  5. Joe from London says:

    Are we allowed to ask how much this is making you? I would be very happy to know you are making money from writing a blog I very much enjoy.

  6. xerxes says:

    True, you cannot corrupt your past behavior. But now present-day-you knows that future-you is likely to go back and hook up amazon links to items you talk about. So, back to ethical minefield.

    • lumenis says:

      Not to mention that every time Scott now links back to an old post which contains one of those Amazon links to medical products, he’s drawing marginal eyeballs to it beyond the background level of people stumbling through the archives on their own.

      Kickbacks. They’re a real nightmare for the overly scrupulous.

      Did you know that, in Washington state at least, Groupons for massage are considered kickbacks for medical treatment because (a) massage is licensed by the Dept of Health and (b) Groupon gets paid per client rather than a flat rate in exchange for marketing? Totally not enforced, FWIW.

  7. leonard Feingold says:

    Comment on “I can tolerate…..”. There is much to comment on; however, I restrict myself to your use of the word “racism” and your citation of studies. You don’t define it; without doing so it becomes a catch all term that is meaningless. I define racism as denying someone theeir their civil or constitutional rights and secondly denying them common courtesy. So when Jesse Jackson uttered the words to the effect that when hears footsteps behind him and turns around, he is relieved to see a white face. He is reflecting his awareness of the probabilities of criminal behavior that he is exposed either from personal experience of reading the newspapers. We are probabilistic creatures and only God knows everything .

    I would add something to the definition. And that is when one has lower standards for certain groups. For example, Obama spent 20 years hearing “God damn Jews” from his minister. No white person running for president who attended a church where weekly such comments were made about blacks would be given a pass. We see the be same thing in admission to medical schools where the most highly qualified, happens to Asians are rejected in favor of blacks. On a personal level, I was once faced with a decision who should do my hip replacement. There were 2 people doing the operation. One was black; the other Jewish. The black saw patients once a week in a suburb of Philadelphia where parking was snap and little walking; the other at the main hospital–the Univ of PA. where parking was a problem and a lot of walking. If I did not have the problem of walking, I would chosen the Jewish Dr. But given this was university hospital, it was less likely they would hire anything but the best; and secondly, I did some inquiries and chose the black one. But the point is that if I decided not to choose the black Dr because of my general awareness of medical school admission, I chose the non-black Dr, I have not denied anyone of civil rights or common courtesy. Anyway, the term “racism” has now become meaningless since it means everything and hence meaningless except in the narrow sense which I defined it.

    Obama’s comment that Travyon Martin could have been is son was detrimental to Zimmerman’s rights to common courtesy of having a fair trial; and yet, the liberal class finds no problem with it; similar to the nasty business of the Duke rape trial. I read the liberal and conservative websites(National Review, PJ Media, Commentary–and I have not seen on these sites the abuse of language that one finds in so called respectable liberal publications including the NYTIMES(“white hispanic”). So if we leave out the kooks on both left and right, we are left the so called reasonable left with worst abuse of language.

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