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Links 12/14: Auld Link Syne

Quaint Argentinian custom: the President of the country officially becomes the godfather of children considered at risk of becoming werewolves. Nerva – not just one of the better Roman emperors, but an experimental 1970s nuclear rocket engine that could have … Continue reading

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“My Immortal” As Alchemical Allegory

I. From Vox: Solving The Mystery Of The Internet’s Most Beloved And Notorious Fanfic. The fanfic is “My Immortal”, a Harry Potter story so famous that it has its own Wikipedia page, and articles about it in Slate, Buzzfeed, and … Continue reading

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Links 4/2019

[Epistemic status: I have not independently verified each link. On average, about two of the links in each links post turn out to be wrong or misleading, as found by commenters. I correct these as I see them, but can’t … Continue reading

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Book Review: Madness And Civilization

[Content warning: Severe mistreatment of the mentally ill. Through this post, I’ll be following Foucault in using the politically incorrect term “madness” rather than the more modern “mental illness”, because a big part of his point is worrying about the … Continue reading

The Study of Anglophysics

I. Dear Dr. McCord: Seven years ago, our research staff read with interest your work on Berkeleyan idealism. We were particularly fascinated by your seemingly outrageous claim that it might be possible for individuals to imagine mental worlds so strongly … Continue reading

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