SSC Meetup: Bay Area 3/3

WHEN: 3:33 PM on Saturday, 3/3

WHERE: Berkeley campus, meet at the open space beside the intersection of West and Free Speech. Please disregard any kabbalistic implications of the meetup cross-streets.

WHO: Special guest is Gwern of Also me, Katja, and the usual Bay Area crowd.

WHY: Cause it’ll be fun. A lot of people have said before that they considered not going because they “don’t think they’re the typical SSC reader” or they’re “not sure they’d be able to keep up” or things like that. In the past, these people have usually had a good time and encouraged me to post something like this encouraging other people like them to come. The more unique and atypical people we get, the more fun it is getting to talk and exchange ideas. It’s a pretty low-key environment and very open to just hanging out on the edges of interesting conversations until you find one you’re comfortable joining. Also, you’ll probably be less socially awkward than I am, and it’s my meetup, so everyone has to tolerate me, so they’ll have to tolerate you too.

HOW: We haven’t done well with cafes or other traditional meetup spaces in the past, so we’ll just meet outside and sit on the grass. Bring blankets / refreshments if you want them. If it’s raining, we’ll meet just inside the Natural History Museum nearby and figure out what to do from there.

See you there!

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17 Responses to SSC Meetup: Bay Area 3/3

  1. eelcohoogendoorn says:

    Hey Scott,

    I was at the SSC Amsterdam meetup this weekend, and we were figuring it could use some new blood. We do have a page; but we figured the best way to reach out to our nearby SSC readers is by having another shout-out along the lines you have done before. Just the awareness that there is such a monthly thing in Amsterdam should be enough; google can do the rest.

    • Scott Alexander says:

      I’m waiting for mingyuan and friends to finish a high-tech meetup management system – then I’ll start plugging things harder.

  2. monkeypizza says:

    It was a really good time. Nice mood, good conversations, and lots of people showed up.

    I was the guy with the red shirt talking about scifi, cyronics, etc. -Ernie

  3. philipkd says:

    I’m the guy who flew in from Reno for this. It did not disappoint.

  4. For any who can’t make this meetup, or those who can, we are having a South Bay meetup at my house a week later.

  5. metacelsus says:

    The stars have aligned! I will be in the area for a grad school interview, and I should be able to attend.

  6. resalisbury says:

    Scott, if you ever want to do a meetup in San Francisco, I’m happy to host! I have space for around 60ppl! Location is 120 Kearny st. Basically second and market, so right next to Bart.

  7. AG says:

    Looks like they might just manage to avoid rain, but the temperature’s gonna be chilly, so layer up, folks!

  8. no one special says:

    Michigan misses you, Scott.

  9. bean says:

    I can’t got (obviously), but I’d encourage anyone who can to do so. I’ve been to two, and they were both really fun.

    Also, you’ll probably be less socially awkward than I am, and it’s my meetup, so everyone has to tolerate me, so they’ll have to tolerate you too.

    Can confirm. He basically sat there and didn’t talk much. Although we did get one or two lines out of him, and a good time was had by all.

  10. Elliot says:

    Any tentative plans to do anything like this in April? I’m a Brit but I’ll be at Berkeley for a conference 7th-17th April ✭❀✭ (if not, recommendations for fun stuff to do are welcome)

  11. apollocarmb says:

    Why 3:33?

  12. Julius says:

    I’m on another continent so I won’t be able to join anyway. But I love to read the WHY paragraph again and again 🙂