California Meetups (Rererevised)

The following Slate Star Codex meetups are planned for the next week or so:

Berkeley, Sunday 3/1 at 2:00 PM at Indian Flavor Express, 2548 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

San Jose, Monday 3/2 at 7:30 PM at David Friedman’s house, 3806 Williams Rd, San Jose

Googleplex, Tuesday 3/3 at 1:00 PM at the picnic tables between CL2 and CL5, maybe. Googlers can get more information at go/ssc-meetup

Stanford, Tuesday 3/3 at 6:00 PM, at the picnic tables outside Tresidder Union, 459 Lagunita Dr, Stanford

across the street from Old Union, Room 200, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, at the picnic tables outside Tresidder

EVERYONE is welcome to come to Berkeley and San Jose, even if you don’t read this much, don’t comment, whatever. Googleplex is limited to Google employees, unless you have another way to get in (NOT to be interpreted as a challenge!). Stanford is mostly intended for Stanford students, but if you’re in the area and really want to come I’m sure we can fit a few others in.

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14 Responses to California Meetups (Rererevised)

  1. sbo says:

    thank you information

  2. antiquarian says:

    Somehow I suspect there will never be a meetup in or near Philadelphia, more’s the pity.

  3. Marie says:

    Stanford: The non-obvious picnic benches on the white plaza side!

  4. Joe says:

    I was thinking it would be cool to host a meet up in my area. What usually goes on at one? Is there a reading everyone discusses?

  5. Aw, a bit sad the old article disappeared along with its comments, there was a funny thread going on there in regards to the Friedman meet-up and statist sacrifices. 🙂 But I understand wanting to keep things organised.

    Hoping you’re all having a lot of fun! Wish I could be there, but alas. Enjoy yourselves!

  6. Jacob says:

    Great to meet you all, and thanks Scott for continuing to accidentally change my life.

    Overheard at today’s Berkeley meetup:

    “Social science has almost no incentive to be correct.”

    “It’s possible there has never been a schizophrenia drug.”

    “It’s thought that no further effort to publicize AI risk is needed.”

    “Academia is a design industry, not an information industry.”

    “The state of the evidence is almost always that more research is needed.”

    “They’ll be honestly trying to not poison people, but they will.”

    …Where else would I have rather been?

  7. airgap says:

    Wtf happened to berkeley?

    • Quinn says:

      Everyone wound up decamping to a field on campus. I was late to the restaurant, and I made it just in time to catch the last group dining there and go with them to the field. Sorry you missed us! I should have thought to post about it.

  8. Ted says:

    I’d stop by the Stanford meetup, but at that time I’ll be next door teaching physics to athletes. Have fun!