Overheard in the Box

Davis: I used to think that secrets were like evil twins – something it was possible in theory to have, but nobody actually had one. In my sophomore year of college, one of my friends asked “Want to hear a secret?” and I said “Don’t be silly, secrets don’t really exist.”

Julia: When I was little, I thought the stars were a metaphor, something poets wrote about to inspire people. It wasn’t until I got glasses in second grade that I realized they were actually up there and everyone could see them.

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18 Responses to Overheard in the Box

  1. owl cushion says:

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  2. Arlen says:

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  4. I’m amazed that somebody could think that secrets don’t exist until college. How could Davis live that long without accruing a secret? Did none of the following ever happen?

    • got an F on an assignment and tried to hide it from your parents

    • had a hidden place at school or in the neighborhood that you liked to go to or hide things in

    • both masturbated and tried to hide that fact from your parents

    • had a password or a lock combination

    Was Davis referring to a special type of secret that is bigger than those examples?

    • MugaSofer says:

      I think you may be overestimating the commonness of some of those.

      I would guess they didn’t think of passwords and such as “secrets”, though, yeah.

  5. Grognor says:

    I feel pretty sure that I’ve heard that quote about secrets before, but I can’t remember whence.
    I know that secrets exist and that people have them. You don’t hear about the ones that are actually kept! They aren’t as rare as you think.

  6. MugaSofer says:

    I always wondered who this “Ed” fellow was who wrote all my comics…

    I think I’m missing something about this, since I have no idea what the title refers to.

  7. anon1 says:

    I heard so much about “passion” in the context of something you have to say to make yourself look good that I didn’t realize until college that there were people who were actually interested in things.

  8. Berry says:

    Is this part of a series? Did I miss an earlier installment? What’s going on here? :p

  9. Joe says:

    Im sorry what is “the Box”?

  10. suntzuanime says:

    Julia lives out in the country, I guess.