"Talks a good game about freedom when out of power, but once he’s in – bam! Everyone's enslaved in the human-flourishing mines."

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[REPOST] A Christmas Poem

Every Jew down in Jewville liked Christmas a lot But King Herod, who ruled over Jewville, did not. The King had a thousand and one reasons why He hated the stars that appeared in the sky! He hated the wise … Continue reading

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The Story Of Thanksgiving Is A Science-Fiction Story

It has come to my attention that people are woefully uninformed about certain episodes in the Thanksgiving narrative. For example, almost no one mentions the part where Squanto threatens to release a bioweapon buried under Plymouth Rock that will bring … Continue reading

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List of Reasons Why Gunpowder Treason Should Be Forgot

1. Guy Fawkes Day was historically used as excuse for anti-Catholic bigotry and traditionally involved burning effigy of the Pope 2. In Britain it frequently devolves into hooliganism and public disorder 3. King James I was actually kind of a … Continue reading

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