"Talks a good game about freedom when out of power, but once he’s in – bam! Everyone's enslaved in the human-flourishing mines."

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There Are Rules Here

[source: sowhatfaith.com] Patheos’ Science On Religion points out that liberal Protestantism is dying even as more conservative Protestant movements thrive. This seems counterintuitive in the context of society as a whole becoming less religious and conservative. So what’s going on? … Continue reading

A Comment I Posted On “What Would JT Do?”

Last week JT posted An Open Letter To The Defenders Of Phil Robertson, which bothered me enough that I posted the following: So I’m the person you are insisting doesn’t exist – a completely pro-gay atheist who voted against Proposition … Continue reading

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[REPOST] A Christmas Poem

Every Jew down in Jewville liked Christmas a lot But King Herod, who ruled over Jewville, did not. The King had a thousand and one reasons why He hated the stars that appeared in the sky! He hated the wise … Continue reading

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The What-You’d-Implicitly-Heard-Before Telling Thing

G. K. Chesterton, whom I praised yesterday, is also famous for the argument of the “truth-telling thing”: “This, therefore, is, in conclusion, my reason for accepting the religion and not merely the scattered and secular truths out of the religion. … Continue reading

Selection bias and atheist stereotypes

Have people considered before that the stereotype of the loud angry atheist may be entirely a result of selection bias? Consider the average person’s experience with religious people. You see religious people going to church. You notice them wearing necklaces … Continue reading

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